Hey world, slow down, willya? And let me catch up…


I really didn’t mean to disappear for a week and a half, especially after the November NaBloPoMo achievement, but I was sick with something nasty, and then partner and kidlet caught the nasty, and meanwhile events were swirling fast and furious around us.

After 77 hours out of control, the horrendous fire was finally conquered.  Over 40,000 dunams (that’s about 10,000 acres) of land burned, and it’s estimated that some 4 million trees were eradicated.  Dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed.  43 lives were lost – so far – among them 38 prison guard cadets and their instructors, police officers and fire fighters.  One was 16-yr-old scout Elad Rivan – an only child – who volunteered with the fire department.  Another blow was the loss of Haifa’s police chief Ahuva Tomer – the first woman to head the police department in a major Israeli city and a fighter for gender equality.

My gratitude and admiration go out to all those who took part in this battle, both from Israel and from abroad.  Over 20 countries sent aid, the US and Russia, many countries of Europe and neighbours here in the middle east.   The Palestinian Authority sent fire trucks and crews.   My special appreciation is for those unsung heroes who staffed the rapidly set up control tower – guiding some 30 fire-fighting planes circling non-stop in all daylight hours over a relatively small air-space, with all the pilots speaking different languages.  Just the thought terrified me, even though I knew there was an Israeli flying with each foreign crew.   I could see the planes on my way to work, and they were flying very close to each other…

The investigation into the fire is still ongoing, but it seems now that the cause was a couple of teens from one of the villages who were smoking a nargila and did not put out the coals properly.  Allegedly a 14-yr-old has admitted to this.  His family is denying he was responsible.  What a tragic mess.

And then when the fire was finally out, the skies opened up and the rain came.  We went from hot, dry endless summer to winter without a breath in between.  Into storage went the fans, out came the heaters.  The weekend brought the worst storm in years.  Flooding, 100-km/hr winds, the temperatures plummeted and there was snow falling in the north.   The navy was receiving mayday calls from a bunch of ships in the area.  At least one sank.  (The crew is safe.)

My enclosed porch/workroom was an inch deep in water, I still have things hanging up to dry all over the flat.  My boss, evacuated during the fire when the wall of flames came within 100 yards of his house, was allowed back home just in time to pack and leave on a business trip abroad.  He returned from his trip to find the drains clogged and his living room flooded.  Not a happy camper.

Still, during the holiday, when not coughing or sneezing or snuggled under covers and sipping tea, we managed to do a few things.  Kidlet and I (and a friend of hers) finally got to the cinema to see Deathly Hallows part 1.  We did some shopping.   And I finished off her Central Park Hoodie just in time for the cold weather!  She wore it back to school.  And she has ordered the next project on her wish list of things for Mom to knit – a striped stocking cap.  I’ll look for the yarn on the next trip to the LYS.

(She’s hiding her face because she doesn’t like how she looks with the sniffles…)

I’ll try to do more catching up in the next few days….more about knitting, the phat fiber box, swaps, RAKs and more.    If I find the time to breathe….

Sometimes I think Life needs a snooze button.


One Response to “Hey world, slow down, willya? And let me catch up…”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I am really glad you are feeling better 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And I love the Hoodie… may I have one too? 😉

    I went to see the carnage on Carmel on Friday – before the storm hit – and it is sad, very sad. We stopped near the prison and we could see all the black around us, and the burned houses from Beit Oren. I almost cried.
    And the smell… oh my, the smell.

    And then the storm – I was on the beach 2 days ago, to soak up some sun. Guess what? We don’t have a promenade in Haifa (Hof HaCarmel) anymore. It’s ruined for now. Where there was sand/grass there are rocks now. And where the sidewalk was, there is sand;; you sink in it…
    Camel are closed, at least for another week, until the fix all the damage.

    Well, you were right. We do need a snooze button ^_^

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