I did it.

I did it.

All of November.  30 posts in 30 days.

OK, I may have fudged just a little.  Sometimes I can only blog at the end of the day.  A couple of times there was a really slow internet connection, and I hit the “publish” button and waited…and waited…and watched the clock click on until a minute or two past midnight when the post finally appeared …with the next day’s date!  And once we were out, and only came in after 1:00 am – but I still blogged!  I figure it was before I went to bed that day, so it totally counts.

So even if it means I’m not eligible for any of the prizes on NaBloPoMo, I still take all the satisfaction in knowing that I did it!!!


First candle of Chanuka.  So early this year!  Kidlet won’t be home from school until the weekend, so we are Going Out.  This time to a fancy restaurant with our Swedish pals.

Here’s a video by Esther, Sasha, Aaron, and Sarah of the Gay-Straight Alliance at the A. J. Heschel School in New York, made for Keshet.  They came together for the first candle with a Kavannah (intention around the blessing) that they invite you to use.

This is the text they added to the traditional prayers:

We dedicate this first night of Chanuka to knowing one’s identity and standing strong against external forces. As we light the first candle, we dedicate this light to each person in our community who needs support to be steadfast, to stay grounded in an inner space of calm and courage.

Our tradition teaches us that each good act gives forth another, one spark makes others, and a string of candles awaits us this week. We hope you will join us this Chanuka in spreading the light of hope and strength to everyone in our community.

Happy Chanuka!

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