Smart-Ass Knitters Take Over

For quite a while I have wanted to check out Indigodragonfly‘s goods – she sells both hand dyed yarn and fiber, as well as accessories.  Kim and her minions are based in Canada.   She describes herself as a lifelong textile maven.

Besides what looks like beautiful yarn, I really love the names she gives to her colourways, like “One Turtle Short Of A Pond”, “You Got Peanut Butter On My Trout!”, “Flamingos Are Not Munitions Experts”, “This Is Your Brain On Cookies”, “In The Study With The Candlestick”, one interesting black/brown/pink yarn called “Hammer – Meet Thumb”, and more.   Oh, and of course “I Like To Mauve It Mauve It”.

I have joined her newest yarn club, so I will be able to give a full report this coming month when I get the first shipment. I really wasn’t planning on joining a yarn club right now, but how on earth could I resist joining one called “Smart-Ass Knitters World Domination Club”?

I mean, seriously, come on.  (~_^)

Each package will contain 1 skein of Indigodragonfly yarn, a pattern for that yarn and swag (usually knitting related and always handmade by artisans).  The only requirement stated for the club is that you have a sense of humour and are not easily offended.

I do think – with some confidence – I can meet that requirement.  And I have a long history of being a smart-ass.  One of my father’s favourite responses to first my teenage then my young adult “wit” was to point out that that is why we don’t send donkeys to college.  (We don’t need any more smart asses around…)     And I found a fantastic t-shirt this summer:

that I love to wear…which usually gets a sigh from partner and a giggle from kidlet.

So…..shall we lock arms and advance?


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3 Responses to “Smart-Ass Knitters Take Over”

  1. Sara Says:

    I love that t-shirt! I want to join. Must.resist.

  2. indigodragonfly Says:

    Ha! Love that shirt! Must hunt one down. (although I have a friend who made me a “smart-ass knitter” badge which is also pretty cool)

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