I wasn’t kidding about endless…

And summer continues through the end of November.

We visited kidlet on the kibbutz yesterday.  Lovely day, temperatures in the 90s F.  We had lunch with kidlet and her housemates, then wandered about the kibbutz.

The kids keep goats – the pen is right outside their door.  We went to say hello.  Some were quite aloof

while others rushed up to be patted.

We sat by a pond in the shade of the trees, and I spotted more wildlife…

We continued on our little trek, snapping pictures as we went.

We ended up at the kibbutz restaurant for tea/dessert, a quiet spot with an organic vegetarian menu and a little shop with lots of handmade things out of natural materials.  They did have some roving, but it was course, not soft, to be used for needle felting, not spinning.  Partner bought some glazed mugs made by a local potter.  Kidlet had some homemade ice cream that was sooo good.  I had tea from their home grown blend of herbs.

Back at kidlet’s house, the knitters joined me to inspect the Perseverance shawl, which is again sailing along, none the worse from the day it spent away from home.

On the way home – and indeed on the way there – the subject on everyone’s tongue is what is going on with the weather.  Everywhere else winter has arrived, we haven’t yet had autumn.  No rain in sight in all the forecasts.  The damage to the agriculture is going to be immense.

And if we don’t have winter, when can I wear all my lovely knitted things?????

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