It’s Thanksgiving today in the US.  A day to stop and reflect on one’s blessings.  Some say it’s a celebration of abundant consumption (because of the lavish meal, I suppose), but most people I know seriously take pause and consider all they are thankful for.   Which should happen on a daily basis, or perhaps weekly, but to set a day aside for the purpose once a year is a good start.

Me?   I’m not in the US, but that doesn’t mean that I  can’t reflect too.  I have much to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for my family.   I’m thankful for our relatively good health (just a few age-related glitches, but it happens, and it could be a lot worse…).   I’m thankful that we found kidlet the best framework for who she is and what she needs.  I’m thankful for a satisfying job that puts food on the table, books on the shelf, and yarn in the stash.   I’m thankful for friends, thankful for all those I love and for all those who love me.  I’m thankful I got my Perseverance shawl back!!

I’m thankful I don’t work on a turkey farm.  This after reading author Ellen Byerrum’s blog post about Turkey, Thanksgiving, and Reasons To Be Thankful.   

*tip:  when you read her story, and you really should, don’t be drinking anything….

What are you thankful for?  Other than the fact that you, too, don’t work on a turkey farm.    (And to my American friends and readers, enjoy your feast!!!!)


2 Responses to “Turkeys”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Happy you got your project back!!!! 🙂

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