Eek! Time for Karma check?

I worked the usual long day yesterday, was tired.  On the way home, I knitted a few rows of the Rainbow Perseverance, then put it aside to just listen to some lovely piano music on the iPhone  (Margie Adam‘s Naked Keys – instrumental).  Got home and dragged myself up the stairs to get ready for SnB.

Guess I was more tired than I thought, because I dozed off on the couch for a while, woke up to see that whoops,  I was late.  Whirled around getting ready to go, and suddenly noticed that my knitting bag was strangely…empty.   No Perseverance project bag.   Stunned, I realized that I must have left it on the bus seat where I was sitting on the ride home.   And we hadn’t been with our usual driver, rather a substitute for the day.

Uh oh.  I did not want to contemplate what could be happening here.   I sat down and phoned the fellow in charge of all the transportation for my company, apologized for bothering him at home in the evening, and he gave me the number of the car company.   I then phoned them, apologized again…and got the cell phone number of the substitute driver.  When I got a hold of him, he said he hadn’t seen any bag in the (mini)bus, but that he would look for it and, if he found it, would pass it along to our regular driver who would be back today.   Nothing more I could do, but it left me edgy…

So I grabbed a couple of other WIPs and headed off to SnB.  Good times, good knitting, good people.  We stayed later than usual, my tiredness was gone.  Then we headed home.  I usually get a ride with Roberta.   We strolled over to her usual public garage – only to discover that they had closed and her car was now locked in until morning!  Egads, zounds, and insert your favourite expletive here.

I was starting to worry about my karma by now, did I do some harm inadvertently?  We each snagged a cab and parted ways.

Today dawned and I was still worried.  Would the driver find my bag?  Did he have other passengers after he dropped me off, was my project safe?  To boost my luck I wore my “I knit, therefore I am” necklace that was a birthday gift from Roberta from Galia’s etsy shop.   (Yes, of course it’s purple…)

I was good.  I waited until a reasonable hour this morning to phone the driver again.  Yes, he found the project bag, and he will give it to today’s driver.  I  can breathe again.  Stress levels have dropped.  But they will only be back to the normal level of hysteria when I have my Perseverance back in my grasp.

Despite having several (*ahem*) WIPs on the needles, it happens sometimes that you get into a flow with one project, the mojo is strong, the juices are pumping, and that’s what you have to work on.  It’s what was going on with the Perseverance, and I think that’s why the disruption has bothered me.  I love my other projects too, but

Does this happen to you with some projects?  Not necessarily knitting, it can be any task or project.    (Or is it simply a peculiarity of mine??)


2 Responses to “Eek! Time for Karma check?”

  1. Mujercita Says:

    Oh wow- I would be completely freaking out if I left my WIP somewhere! I’m so glad you found it!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Holy COW! I would have had a nervous breakdown over that. I’m so mindful of my projects, and I am always looking at/admiring WIP’s on my needles even when I am working on something else. I know what you mean about projects that you get obsessed over knitting. It’s not often that when a case of cast-on-itis hits really hard, the impulse and urge carry on in to the rest of the project beyond casting on and knitting a few “excitement rows.” But when it happens, you sure know it!
    I just finished an Ishbel, and it was that way for me. I was going nutty every minute that I could not knit on it! As for the car being locked away- YIKES!

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