From Bizarre to Best

Well, got through a pattern repeat of the Checkerboard and decided that it was a really bad match of pattern and yarn.  Visited the frog pond.

I have another yarn in mind for the Checkerboard pattern which I think will be lovely.  Not variegated yarn, in order to show the pattern off.  Later down the queue…

In the meantime, cast on with my Chana Massala yarn again, this time for the Perseverance shawlette by Lauren Weinhold (Lolly on Rav).

It’s a straightforward shawl pattern, to show off the yarn, but alternating sections of stockinette, reverse stockinette and half-linen stitches to add texture and interest.

(I still couldn’t get the purple to photograph well, even in sunlight…grrrr)

Ravelry is in the news.

First, a week ago, The Huffington Post ran an article about “the 19 Strangest Social Networks on the Web”.   And Ravelry was first on the list.  Excuse me?  OK, yes, I know that knitters are not necessarily in the majority, and yes, to non-knitters we may appear different… but the article calls us crazy.  And bizarre.  And lumps Ravelry together with Lost Zombies, MyFreeImplants (women hooking up with strange men to pay for their breast implants), and more.  I do kinda like the Hamster-lover site, and the Line for Heaven (where you score karma points…), but I really don’t think that crafters are all so unusual.  Unique, yes, but crazy, not really.  And I seriously ponder the wisdom of pissing off more than a million people holding pointy sticks.

Next up:  the .net Magazine Awards for 2010.  The awards celebrate the best in web design and development, and are brought to you by the world’s best-selling magazine for web builders.   Last month the short list (gathered by public voting) for the Community Site of the Year was released with three top candidates:  Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry!  Ha, slightly different company than in the Huff Post.   And the winners – chosen by experts in the field –  were announced last night.  To our delight, Ravelry won!    Over facebook and twitter!

So it’s a stellar month for Ravelry.   Congratulations!!!

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2 Responses to “From Bizarre to Best”

  1. Sara Says:

    “And I seriously ponder the wisdom of pissing off more than a million people holding pointy sticks.”


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