Chanuka comes early…

My Chanuka 2010 swap package has arrived.  Does anyone think I should have waited until Chanuka to open it??  HA.

Marielle sent me some wonderful goodies from New York.

First of all, a Chanuka card/picture of Bones, since we’re both fans of the show.  Although we’re a couple of seasons behind over here.  Never mind.

Then, she went shopping for me at Rhinebeck (NYS Sheep and Wool Festival), which was exciting. Lovely squishy Crystal Palace Mochi Plus yarn.  Mochi Plus comes in a whole bunch of rainbow shades, this one is tapestry rainbow!

And purple handmade ceramic buttons, which will be for a very special project.

Vanilla tea – my favourite – and a huge resealable bag of reeses pieces, to be hidden from visiting offspring…

And finally, an absolutely beautiful double-knitted hamsa cloth –
One side:

The other side:

She suggests I should use it as a dishcloth (nope, too pretty), a hot pad, an oven mitt, or a challah cover.  We shall see!  In the meantime it has a place of honour in the kitchen.

I have to learn double-knitting!!

The red Palindrome is finished and ready to be packed.

Last year’s scarf took me a week.  This one took 12 days, I blame all the cables.  But it was a fun knit.  The scarf is toasty-warm.  Which, conveniently enough,  was nice on my knees while I was knitting during my commute with the AC going full blast.

I’ve begun the Checkerboard Lace Scarf with my rainbow Chana Massala.

I’m starting to get really irritated – every time I try to photograph this yarn the purple comes out looking like black.  It’s actually a lovely shade of purple…I will try to get some decent pictures tomorrow in sunlight.



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2 Responses to “Chanuka comes early…”

  1. knittingdancer Says:

    Pretty yarn and love the purple buttons. Your red scarf is beautiful.


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