What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I’ve discussed  design fail before, notably with things concerning tea.  But this ad for a yarn organizer – aimed at crafters –  is just way beyond fail.  I realize that it would be much too much to ask that the people responsible for advertising, not to mention the photographers or model, actually know something about fiber craft…but don’t the manufacturers have a say in the end???  And shouldn’t they at least know what they’re doing???  Since they want to sell this stuff to people who do know what they’re doing?

Let’s see if we can find all the mistakes, shall we?    (I used to love those puzzles in children’s magazines…)

  • This is a crocheted afghan, and she’s holding knitting needles.
  • She’s holding knitting needles like chopsticks, which is fine if you want to eat Kung Pao chicken, but not if you plan to knit something.
  • The needles are just sticking through what looks to be a completed part of the afghan.
  • Granny squares are crocheted with one colour at a time, and she is using six together, which would tangle terribly,  negating the whole idea of the yarn organizer.
  • To crochet a square you need to hold the yarn for proper tension.
  • There are  four colours in the afghan, and she’s holding six.  (What is that gold yarn doing there?)
  • Usually, with a granny square afghan, you make all the squares first, then crochet them together…so what on earth is she doing?
  • All of the yarn seems to be pulled from the outside of the skein, making it very difficult to use in the organizer.  They should be center-pulled balls/skeins of yarn to really be “tangle-proof”.  But then,  if they were she wouldn’t need the organizer in the first place.
  • How can one close the organizer with those knitting needles sticking out like that in the middle?

The idea of the yarn organizer is a good one.  Even a bad ad can perhaps be forgiven if the product is good, or at most decent.  But I have deliberately sought out reviews of this product, and they are almost all negative.  According to one, the dividers are flimsy and collapse easily.  According to another, the whole thing is weakly constructed.

Laziness like this in advertising shows a contempt for potential customers.  If you are targeting an ad for a specific group, you must at least respect the group enough to know the basics of what you’re doing, and not insult their (our) intelligence.

Yes, it’s pretty funny.  Made me laugh.  Got my attention.  Enough to check it out.  And in the end to decide most definitely not to buy their product.  Was this their goal???  I doubt it.

A challenge!!   Any other mistakes that I missed?  Tell me!


4 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. purlverde Says:

    This is hilarious. I think you hit the nail on the head with finding all of the mistakes, meanwhile I’m scraping myself off the floor after a HUGE bout of laughter! THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I would never buy that!!! I guarantee if I had seen this before this post I would have been noticing the same things and would be yelling and screaming with laughter while trying to find someone to show this to. I’m wiping tears away from my eyes….

  2. Roberta Says:

    You know… without even thinking of mistake, just from the first look, it looked wrong to me. Totally wrong.

    The first mistake I noticed was the way she is holding the knitting needles

    Chana – you really know how to make us laugh. Thanks 🙂

    I think the only people who would buy this are the ones that don’t know much about knitting. Or maybe a friend with good intentions.. Hope you don’t have any of those

  3. purlverde Says:

    I agree with Roberta as far as a well intentioned friend goes. This looks like something my MIL would buy for me to help organize my “string.”

  4. k2create Says:

    This is probably one of the worst ads I’ve seen! I’ve gotten used to seeing pictures of crocheted items with tag lines that refer to knitting. But wow, this one takes the cake!

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