Of yarn and books, Broadway and a douchebag…

A mini yarn crawl today.  Had to go to the LYS that I missed last week, and go back to another.  Today  I got yarns for two swap partners.  I was very good, got nothing for myself this time…although I was sorely tempted by some Soul Wool.  Merino and silk yarns, and a whole batch of merino roving…. yum.

I also had to pick up a couple of books – the folks at my favourite used book shop had called to tell me some  cozies had come in.  Oh, and the Kindle saga continues.  Amazon is finally selling Kindles to Israel!!  Hooray!  I went online to order one, but I wanted the 3G model, instead of the simpler WiFi, so I can read on the go.  Every time I tried to order, the page returned to the WiFi model.  So I wrote a letter to customer service asking them what the deal is.  They wrote back saying they would look into it.  After three weeks they informed me that the 3G model isn’t available for sale to Israel, only the WiFi.  Sigh. That means I can only use the Kindle at home and at a few select places?  Not on the bus, nor the train, nor the beach…in short, what good is it?  So I am sticking with shlepping real books.  Unless there’s a change.  I’ll have to see what I can download to the iPhone…although the screen is a bit small for reading.

More from the It Gets Better project.  Kidlet has been bugging me to post this one:

And this one from the GMCLA is one of my faves:

Ellen is as moving as ever:

And George Takei, although very serious,  made me laugh.  Go, Sulu.

The song at the end of his video?  That’s a song young stars on Broadway recorded for the project:

Download the song on itunes to support the Trevor Project.

Shabbat Shalom.


4 Responses to “Of yarn and books, Broadway and a douchebag…”

  1. Courtney in Crete Says:

    I have the 3G which I purchased in the US. Keep in mind you can READ it everywhere, you only need the 3G or wireless for buying. Which doesn’t come up THAT often. (I’ve bought 33 books in the 11 months I’ve had mine.) And you should keep the 3G (or, I assume, wifi) off when you aren’t buying, or else the battery drains REALLY fast. Here’s something Amazon doesn’t advertise, I don’t think: outside the US, there’s a 2 dollar internet fee per book, so unless I’m super lazy, I buy online and download to my Kindle.

    It still sucks they don’t sell the 3G in Israel, though.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thanks, Courtney, that makes things a little clearer, and not as “suckish” (to quote kidlet) as I thought.

  2. Courtney in Crete Says:

    It’s still a little suckish they don’t sell the 3G. I’ve definitely made many a last-minute purchase in airports using the 3G before getting on long flights!

    (Was it obvious when I said I buy online, I meant buy on amazon.com on my computer, then transfer to Kindle via the Kindle USB cord?)

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