Stars Still Dancing

Two weeks into the show, two couples have been eliminated, and Gili and Dorit are still going strong.

Their first dance disturbed me – while some of it was good, it was very confrontational, including a mock slap, and I thought with dread oh no, is that the direction the choreography is going to take? Violence?  A couple of the judges were also asswipes, claiming to be confused as to the roles and who leads, and one comment that gee, this is great, it’s every male’s fantasy. Vomit.  How insulting.

Then came their second dance, and I loved it. This time the judges were supportive (especially guest judges Pamela Anderson and her dance partner Damien from the US…),  giving some technical advice on what to work on (although one didn’t like that Gili didn’t wear high heels), and gave relatively high scores for a second dance.

Link to the dance below.  Sorry that there are no subtitles. In a nutshell, they talk about the international storm that this has caused, how both women (and Maya, Gili’s partner who is in the audience) are shocked by just how much fuss is being made, and Gili feels that it’s enough that it’s a national competition, she’s under international scrutiny and how scary that is. They just try to ignore it all and rehearse. Dorit talks about how Gili is such a tomboy, and needs help with stuff like make-up and costumes, and working on softening her dancing. And they both felt it necessary to respond about the leading issue – how this is a new concept and there are no set rules for two women dancing, that one is definitely leading at all times but they trade off.  As Dorit says, “Sometimes I lead her and sometimes she leads me.”  To which judge Hanna Laslow replies “Just like in life.”

Second dance – Greek goddesses?

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Except when I knit.  Two thirds through the Palindrome, it’s almost 45 inches.

Had a slight glitch this morning – suddenly noticed a couple of stretched stitches by one of the cables and realized that I had twisted the cable.   This is bound to happen on occasion when one starts knitting at 6:15 in the morning.   I debated whether to do anything about it.  Two stretched stitches in the middle of the scarf?  Barely noticeable.   Barely being the significant word.  If the scarf was for me, I probably would have shrugged and continued.  But this is a gift.  Oh well,   it was only one pattern repeat back, so the tinking commenced.  Fixed the cable and by the time I reached work I was back at the point where I had noticed the twist.  I managed a few more pattern repeats on my lunch break and on the way home.  I should be able to send the scarf next week.

When I knit on my lunch break I get a lot of interest and comments and reactions from coworkers who pass by.  Mostly positive, some just lame.  Today one told me I shouldn’t be knitting now, it isn’t winter yet.  Yeah?  So?  So what if I’m sitting on a sunny bench in 80°F soaking up vitamin D while knitting?  What does one thing have to do with another?  I wear warm clothes in winter, I can knit any time I please.

What silly comments from muggles have you heard?


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