Doin’ the Bus Stop Shrug

The other day I was waiting at the bus stop and this woman came up and joined the others waiting.   She was wearing a lovely shrug, and I was fascinated by the pattern.   I asked her about it, but she really wasn’t interested in chatting.   Which tells me that the shrug was probably a gift and/or she doesn’t know anything about it, because usually knitters love to talk about their knitting!!

She stood with her back to me, so it was easy for me to ease out the phone and snap a pic.

Armed with this photo, I headed to the Ravelry forums, and thanks to some wonderfully clever people there I have an idea how to duplicate this pattern.  Or at least I have a good base to play with.

(The photo came out very well, thanks to my new toy the iPhone… I hadn’t yet used the camera,   I’m so happy it worked!!!)

Pattern by stealth.



One Response to “Doin’ the Bus Stop Shrug”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Will you share the pattern? I am all for testing it too if you need more help playing with it (if you don’t have the final formula that is…)

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