I take a lot of taxis.  Ever since a drunk driver got confused between red and green lights and totaled my car, I’ve ridden in taxis to get around (when I don’t have time to take the bus or when the buses aren’t running).  Most drivers are great.  I’ve come to know quite a few of the drivers for the cab company I generally use, and many of them don’t bother with the meter but give me a good price for my usual routes.  Quite a few have watched kidlet grow up, and they always ask about her.

As an aside. although I feel that the money I spend on taxis is undoubtedly a lot less than what I would spend on car insurance, registration, maintenance and gas, I still want the freedom and flexibility of having a car again.  At some point.  Sigh.

Anyway.  Tonight I was in a hurry to get home from the mall, the bus was late, and I walked over to the taxi stand and got a ride.  And the driver made me want to smack him.  First he told me about a woman who had just driven off in another cab, how generous she always is, paying extra in appreciation of the driver.  Yeah, OK.  That’s nice.  Then he told me that he had been stuck at the hospital taxi stand earlier and waited over two hours for a fare, and then it was only a few blocks, and what a waste of so much time and loss of money that was.

I should say that he had turned the meter on when I got in the cab,  fair enough, right?

When we got to my house, he started whining about how the fare on the meter was much lower than the standard price they take for that distance!  I told him that what was on the meter was the fairest price, it couldn’t really be argued with.  He claimed that he had driven much too fast, and now he was going to suffer for it by getting a lower fare than if he had driven slowly.  He whined that “some people” would be “broad-minded and generous” in such a situation, and would give him a little extra, not like “narrow-minded” people who would be stingy and just pay what’s on the meter!

Well, this narrow-minded woman paid him exactly what was on the meter.  I was shocked at his nerve and annoyed by his whining.  And when I got out I had barely shut the door when he roared off in a hissy fit.  Who needs rudeness like that?  I ride with so many fantastic drivers, this man was just an embarrassment.


The red Palindrome is almost halfway done.  I was a bit concerned that the knitting was a bit tight, and that maybe for a better drape I should have used bigger needles.  When I finished the first ball of yarn, I decided to put it aside for a minute and cast on again with bigger needles and see what it looked like.  I figured that if I did like it better, the first ball of yarn would have been a 3-day swatch and I could still finish in time.  Well, I did a few pattern repeats and the bigger needles just made it look sloppy, so I quickly frogged it and went back to the original knitting.  I’m glad I checked, it makes me feel surer with what I’m doing.  It’s not too narrow, the scarf should be 5-8 inches wide and this one is about 6 inches.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t knitting in the cab, I might have ruined a good needle by jabbing the driver.


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