Unplanned Acupuncture from Nature

My fingers are a little sore.  A colleague and I used part of our break at work to pop over to the local nursery to see what plants they had.  Well, they had a big special on cacti, all different kinds, and we decided to get some for our offices.  Unfortunately, all the plants were kind of jammed together, we had to reach between lots of pots to get what we wanted, and we weren’t wearing gloves.  Ouch.  The fact that they were all baby cacti meant their little needles were invisible once they poked us and stuck.  Very hard to tell if it hurts from the little stab or if there’s something in the skin.  Still, we persevered, our conversation sprinkled with “ow!” usually followed by a laugh.

I got a nice selection.

I love all the little “flowers” on this one, I’m thinking of  planting it in a separate pot.

The rest will be potted in a little cactus garden, with this one as the center:

I’ll re-pot later this week….and I’ll take gardening gloves with me to work.  Enough with the ouch.

Doesn’t sting enough to stop me from knitting, of course.  Got some work done on the Palindrome.  It’s knitting up nicely, although if I do the pattern again with this weight yarn I’ll use bigger needles to give it a looser drape.

(And obviously, I can still type…little pokes can’t keep me down!)

If given my druthers, I prefer acupressure instead, thanks.


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One Response to “Unplanned Acupuncture from Nature”

  1. Esther Says:

    As someone who spent several weeks picking sabras I would guess the little prickles are still in your skin. To help remove them from your skin and ensure against infection you should rub your skin vigourously with a bar of soap in the area where is ‘prickles’.

    And the cactus with the ‘flowers’ is a Mother of Thousands. All those little flowers with fall off and seed themselves in the earth at he base. If you let them grow for a while you can then replant them carefully and grow a new plant.
    As a teenager this was the only plant that survived my fatal gardening ‘technique’ though I let my Dad take care of the seedlings.

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