The Red Scarf Decision

OK, I’ve got the yarn. (Same as last year, red Mondial Merino Plus.)

Now for a pattern.  I narrowed the field down to these choices:

The Corrugator by Paula Smith

Toasty Twisty by Yvonne Senecal

Scrunchable Scarf by Susan McConne

Asherton Reversible Scarf by SmarieK

Palindrome by Kristin Bellehumeur

Rainy Day Scarf by Beth Collins

There were several others that I considered as well, but these were the final contenders.  Now.  This will be my on-the-go project, so I want an easy pattern that I can memorize without having to pull out the written pattern to check where I am or what comes next.  OK, that lets out the Asherton and Rainy Day. (They will still be in my queue, just not for this project…)   The Scrunchable is a one-row pattern, Corrugator is two rows, Toasty Twisty is a four-row pattern, and Palindrome is a six-row pattern where five of the rows are identical ribbing.

A tough decision, but I’ve decided to go with Palindrome.  It does require  a cable needle for the pattern row, but I can deal with that.

Here it is after three pattern repeats.

The two sides are identical.  The rib in the cable is what makes the scarf reversible.  Which is obvious, but I hadn’t thought about it until it was pointed out in the pattern.  One of those  “Oh. Yeah. Duh.”  moments.

Should be a fun knit.  Not complicated, and the cable to make it interesting.  And perfect for the OFA project.

What red scarf are you knitting this year?


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9 Responses to “The Red Scarf Decision”

  1. Sara Says:

    Have you ever tried cabling without a needle? It really isn’t hard and it kind of speeds things up.

  2. Courtney in Crete Says:

    I thought maybe we got to vote, and I was going to vote for Palindrome, and then you chose it on your own. Good choice.

    I’ve never done the Red Scarf project, but I’ve wanted to for a few years now!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      lol…I thought about making it a vote, but in the end I was too impatient to begin!

      (It’s not too late to cast on…)

  3. knittingdancer Says:

    I keep on thinking I will knit the Palindrome, I even have some yarn in mind. Maybe one day soon. This year I knitted a red garter stitch scarf in some fuzzy yarn for the Red Scarf project. Last year I think the Irish Hiking Scarf with the cables. My two go to scarfs are the one-row scarf by Stephanine McPhee and the scrunchable scarf. I like all the patterns you have picked out.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      The Irish Hiking Scarf looks a lot like the Palindrome, but the cables aren’t ribbed so it’s not reversible. The one-row scarf was what I knit last year!

  4. Roberta Says:

    I would have voted for the Palindrome too 🙂

    And making cables without a cable needle is doable, but I only do it for thin cables (2×2) .

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Yes, I agree, a thin cable is what I would do it with. I have the article from Knitty showing how saved somewhere……

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