Well,  the cooler weather has again disappeared and we have another heat wave (enough already!).  At least it is much cooler in the morning and evening, so while I’m still wearing thin shirts, they are long sleeved.

I posted a picture of the clouds moving in when the last heat wave broke a few days ago,  which I snapped when leaving work.  The sky that day was pretty amazing.   Partner also was struck by the sky when she left work.  Her pictures are much more impressive than mine.  But then, she has the advantage of working at the beach.  In actual fact, her office sits out over the water, with windows all around.  Very nice.  Except in stormy weather, when the waves tend to crash against her windows.  And while I have to rush to catch my ride, snapping pictures on the fly, she walks home, so she can take her time, compose her pictures, and wait for the sunset.

Here are a few of her pictures that day last week:

Breathtaking clouds, they just went on and on and filled the sky everywhere you looked.

Sometimes you have to look hard for the little miracles in nature, find the beauty hidden away.  And sometimes it just leaps out and smacks you in the face.

I love the sunsets over the water.  When kidlet was tiny, she used to get worried that the sun would go out, setting into the sea.  Then one day she decided that the sun had to take a bath before going to sleep, just like her.  Aren’t kids wonderful at explaining things?    😀

And on a different note entirely, this morning I began the picot bind off on my vest!   If I can get it done on the way home from work I will be able to block it tonight!

It will be sweet to finally finish one of my WIPs  (other than the gifts…).

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2 Responses to “Clouds”

  1. Jann Says:

    THOSE CLOUDS! the light, the colors, so beautiful!
    I recently did my first picot bind-off, too, on a shawl and could not get the pattern right around the triangle point of the shawl but it was in a fluffy yarn which hid the error –
    Does your partner knit? Mine does not but loves to wear my knitting! Thank goodness! xo

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thank goodness this bind-off was in a big circle, no corners to cope with!

      My partner knows how to knit but doesn’t, with the occasional rare exception. She’s not a scarf or hat or glove person, but likes the sweaters I knit for her. At least that! 😀

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