It’s Raining Yarn, Halleluyah

OK, now this ad from New Zealand is just strange.

Not that I’d mind at all, of course.  I’d be carrying an umbrella upside down, to catch as much as I can.  Can you imagine the weather report?

“Heavy fall of Cascade 220 tonight, followed by scattered Malabrigo in the morning…”

Totally wasted on the cats.

I’d think that it would be much more a knitter’s fantasy than a kitteh fantasy.  Oh my.  I’d certainly never complain about a leaky roof.  But it seems that I would have to figure a way to keep kitteh paws offa the stash.

Actually, Nike tries to play like that with only certain yarns in my stash.  Especially the cotton.   Not that I let her, but sometimes when my back is turned and my  guard is down, she does attack a ball of yarn.  Mostly, though, she ignores it.  She does like the little knitted toys she has.


So…what besides yarn would you like to see falling from the sky?


5 Responses to “It’s Raining Yarn, Halleluyah”

  1. laura Says:

    Green and blacks, I think. But mostly yarn.
    I think I’ll refer to fog as ‘kidsilk haze’ from now on 😉

  2. Daphna Says:

    Books! We would need some kind of thunder to warn us to take cover, and then books could just come down on us. That would be great, except all the damage it would cause.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Oooh. Good idea. Do you think all one genre would fall at once, or would it be a mixed batch? Hm…

  3. Roberta Says:

    oh yes….
    books and yarn – the perfect combination!

    Got an idea – books wrapped in yarn! Less damage this way, don’t you think?

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