Rhymes with Orange and Purple

I have just discovered Rhymes with Orange, by Hilary B. Price!  OK, those of you who know and love this comic strip, laugh at me all you want, but we don’t get comics over here.  I am quite impressed by this woman’s work,  love her sense of humour, and to top it off, among the many topics she covers in her strip, knitting is one of them!  So of course I have to share:

And this one, which just makes me giggle uncontrollably:

I’ve added her site to my RSS aggregator, which until now for years has been Bloglines.  How sad that they are closing!  I have transferred all the blogs I read  to google Reader, I hope it will be as good a service as Bloglines has been.   I’ve gotten so behind in reading blogs, it really is shameful.  But I am happy to report that I am making progress on catching up!  I’ve now caught up on the knitting blogs I read, and I’m working on author blogs.  Then when I catch up on the tea blogs I’ll be off and running again.   I remember the days when I didn’t use any service at all, and would bookmark all the blogs I read in those days.  Then I would have to click on each to see if there was anything new.  Yikes.

Wednesday for Spirit Day I wore purple to work and told everyone why, changed my profile pictures and joined in several discussion forums on facebook and Ravelry, making some new online friends in the process.  I even knitted with only purple yarn!

Sharing just a couple more recent and high profile additions to the It Gets Better project:

Shabbat Shalom.


2 Responses to “Rhymes with Orange and Purple”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Oh my, the snake one kills me. Love it!

    And seeing “It Gets Better” get so much attention has made me tear up a couple of times.

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