What kind of a knitter are you?

I just took the Knitting Personality Test over on the Knitting Brain website.  According to them, I am a Logical Knitter!  (As opposed to an Artistic Knitter or a Contented Knitter or whatever other possibilities they have.)  Among other things in their description I “approach knitting logically and methodically”…  and I “enjoy reading knitting reference books and and like to understand the logic of how things work.”   Well, for the most part I do agree, although I don’t think I’m as afraid of colour and creativity as they seem to think.

Of course, it is a multiple choice quiz, and my true answer on a couple of questions wasn’t there, for example:  A pattern stitch isn’t turning out like the illustration on the pattern, what do you do?  Well of course, I would immediately post on Ravelry and get dozens of helpful suggestions.  Same with how I choose a pattern, I look at all the FOs on Rav and see if I like them.  But unfortunately, Rav isn’t mentioned in the test, so I had to choose other answers.

Why not see what kind of a knitter you are and come back to comment on it – we can do a tally!

I have  finished the Teddy Bear Blanket!  I decided not to add a fourth row of bears, the three rows made quite a nice newborn-size blanket,  also good for a pram or a crib.  Hopefully this weekend I will get it washed and blocked and stored away for the happy day.

Oh,  there’s a contest to win 10 exclusive knitting patterns over at SandraSingh’s blog.  Check it out!  (There are some awesome patterns there.)   Hurry, only a couple of days left!

Logical knitter, eh?  Hm.  Okay.


7 Responses to “What kind of a knitter are you?”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I too fall into the category of The Logical Knitter, but much like you feel that the description is very definitive, whereas I do have a little more “go with the flow” than the results describe. It was an intersesting quiz but somehow I knew before I took it that I would fall into this category. Fun!
    Also, your link to SandraSingh’s blog is leading to a 404 error page. Happy knitting!

  2. Courtney Says:

    I’m a Logical Knitter too! For the stitch pattern question, I just considered Rav to be part of “look it up in a reference book.” 🙂

  3. knittingdancer Says:

    I fall into the category of the Logical Knitter. Is everybody a Logical knitter? I use a pattern as a guide line sometimes, I may change it to the way I like to make some parts better. Ravelry is definitely the first place I look for patterns or help.

  4. Esther Says:

    It decided I was an Artistic Knitter. It got that about half right:
    I don’t have a flair for combining colours though I’m OK with patterns.
    I don’t like novelty yarns and I don’t have much of a stash.
    I’m not impulsive about my knitting.

    However I do experiment – rarely sticking to a pattern.
    I do like Kaffe Fasset – not so much Vogue knitting.
    And I do like felting.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thanks for bringing a little diversity! Nice to have an artistic knitter in with all of us ‘logical” types…

  5. Roberta Says:

    Happy that Esther is here 🙂
    Because I am a logical knitter too!

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