It’s The BarknKnit 2010 WIP Parade!

I’m joining the barknknit WIP Parade 2010! And just what is that?   Gnat on the BarknKnit blog puts it like this:

While going through all the things that I have on my needles, I decided that I wished to find out how many things others have on their needles to make me feel better for having so many!

She’s asking everyone to build a float for her parade with our Works in Progress, then she’ll post links to everyone’s float on the 31st of October.

Here’s her float to lead the parade!

Now for my float.

I’ve blogged about all of these projects, I think, at some point or another.  But to list them all together!  I guess I’ll organize my float by date of cast on.  Uh oh.    Deep breath…and here we go.

WIP # 1             The Glorianna scarf.

I love this lace scarf, I received the pattern and the yarn in a swap.  Cast on in late 2008, and had nothing but bad mojo.  I simply could not get a row to come out right, and it’s actually a very straightforward lace pattern, not too complicated but on the other hand not one that’s possible to memorize.  Kept knitting and frogging, and finally I put it away to hibernate.  We’ve all had a pattern do that to us, I think.  Resurrected it in November 2009, saw that what I had done really couldn’t be saved, and had to cut off that bit of yarn and start afresh.  This time everything has gone well, the mojo has returned.  I’ve been working on it on and off, and there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

WIP # 2             My first magic toe-ups.

Only the second pair of socks I’ve ever knitted, this time two at a time.  Cast on in March 2009.  (Yikes)  For some reason they keep getting knocked down the list.  An easy mindless knit so far, but now I’m just about at the gusset part, so I’ll have to concentrate, and try and understand the directions.  I really should get them done, I really like them!

WIP # 3             Op Art Throw.

Cast on in March 2009.  Saw the pattern, loved it, ran out and got the yarn, it was my on-the-go project for a while until it got much too big to shlep around in a project bag.  And when I’m home, I usually work on lace.  It’s a great addition to the float, though.  It’ll be even better finished and blocked.

WIP # 4             Fixation tank.

Cast on August 2009.  A cotton tank top.  I really love this yarn, and I like the pattern.  But it always seems to slide down the list when I’m working on something.  So it waits patiently.  I’m not sure if it’s a perfect fit of yarn and pattern, maybe the ambivalence is keeping me from picking this up more often.

WIP # 5             Arrowhead poncho.

This is the third time around for this project.  Gift for the niece. Cast on in November 2009 with a different poncho pattern, with 2 yarns held together, finished the poncho and hated it.  Frogged the whole thing.  Started this new pattern with the same 2 yarns, hated it, frogged again and began with just one yarn.  Not a difficult knit, but I did get a bit fed up with the project.  Have to finish it for this winter, and make another for another niece.

WIP # 6             The Sagrantino shawl.

Cast on in November 2009.  Beautiful pattern.  Easy to knit.  But for each hexagon one has to pick up dozens of stitches from the other hexagons, with tiny needles, and it takes just as much time as the knitting does, which irritates me!  The designer has complimented me on it, and I really do want to knit it, but all those itty bitty lace weight stitches to be picked up is daunting!

WIP # 7             Central Park Hoodie for kidlet.

Cast on January 2010.  Kidlet chose the pattern and the yarn.  Back, front and sleeves are done, was working on the hood when the weather got much too warm for the hoodie and I put it aside for a while.  Weather is changing again now for fall, so it shouldn’t be that big a deal to whip it up.  Luckily I kept a lot of notes on this one.  Just too big to carry around.  Top of the list after the current gifts!

WIP # 8             The traveling Baana.

Great shawlette.  Great yarn.  Great design by my friend Galia.  Cast on for a KAL in March 2010.  And it just seems to go on and on!  I have been photographed knitting this all over the country in all kinds of settings.  I think that’s why I haven’t finished it, I’m having fun finding more places to take pictures of it.  (Part of the problem is that I think I should have used bigger needles, so it’s not growing as fast as I’d like and that’s discouraging. But it is a great WIP for on the go.)

WIP # 9             My circular vest.

I received this yarn as a gift from Danielle in Australia, cast on for the vest in May 2010.  Easy pattern.  I’m on the last skein of yarn now, impatient to finish.

WIP # 10           Red Plait Scarf.

Cast on September 16th to experiment with the pattern before knitting one as a gift in another colour.  Took me a day to get halfway, so I just need another day in front of the TV to finish it up

WIP # 11          Teddy Bear Blanket.

Cast on September 22nd for a friend’s first grandbaby.  It’s the current project, just two rows to go before I bind off,  I hope to finish it tonight.  In addition to the blanket, I’m also working on three other gifts, but since the recipients may read this I’m not going to say anything more.  At the moment these gifts are top priority, and what I’ll be knitting for the next week or two.

That’s a lot of WIPs, I know.  It’s a long float.  But in the same time period I have completed 53 other projects, including big scary ones, which isn’t too shabby!  I do notice that my lace projects, with the exception of the Glorianna, all get done quickly and don’t stay on the needles long!  Any ideas why that is?     (~_^)   And I have been so good about controlling my startitis, there are quite a few yarns calling out to me to start new projects in my queue and I have been ignoring them to work on my WIPs  (and gifts).

Got my float in line, and it’s on with the parade!!!  Head on over to BarknKnit and see how to join in!  Don’t forget to wave at the  crowds!


2 Responses to “It’s The BarknKnit 2010 WIP Parade!”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for entering! What a great float!! Love all the projects! 53 in the time period that is awesome!!!!!

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