Mommy to the rescue. Again.

Sigh.   Teenagers.  Do any of them actually think past the moment?

Kidlet was home for the holidays.  When we packed her bag to go back to school, we knew that it would be at least a couple of weeks until she came home again, and although it was still hot, fall weather was beginning to hint of change.  So we packed a few sweatshirts and a jacket in with her stuff.   The morning she went back, I hugged her goodbye and went off to work, and she waited for the driver to pick her up later.   Days passed, the weather changed, and I got a frantic call from kidlet that she needs warmer clothes!  I asked her what about what we packed?  So she said well, it was hot that day, and the bag was a little heavy, so she put the warmer clothes back in her cupboard and went off without them.

Head bang.

There was absolutely nothing I could have said, it would have gone in one ear and out the other.  And it had never occurred to me to check her cupboard.   We decided that she could manage until her next visit home… then came the notice from school that they have a field trip this week, and will be camping outside.  Oops.  They set off this morning.  So yesterday I begged a car from work, drove home and packed a bag of warm clothes, grabbed kidlet’s spare sleeping bag and we went off to the boarding school to deliver her things, getting there shortly before their bedtime.

It was so great seeing her for the few moments we were there, but it was sheer luck that I was able to get a car, it’s not something that I can count on.  Not to mention the hours of extra driving.  (Hours I usually spend knitting!)


At least she was very pleased I brought her butterfly hat!

And… it turns out one of the house counselors also knits, she loved the hat too, and was really intrigued by the cotton baktus scarf I was wearing – I told her I would send her the link to the pattern.

(That’s Patons Grace cotton yarn, received in a swap – thanks again, Denise!)

I also had to abandon my plans for the evening, although seeing kidlet trumps anything else. Still, a little disappointment.

This week I signed up at a gym by my house.  Sunday evening I went for my first kickboxing class, only to discover that the teacher was out that day and another teacher was filling in.  I joined her class but it turned out she wasn’t teaching kickboxing, but rather advanced aerobics.  Yikes.  I stuck it out though, struggling and sweating.  I didn’t try to do everything, just what I could handle.  After class she told me I was in great shape for a beginner!  Everything was a little sore for about a day, but yesterday I was ready again.  I was planning to go to a Fitball class.  Looks like fun.

Ah, well.  Mommy duties take precedence, of course.  Fitball will have to wait until next week.  I may go to a Pilates class tonight.  When I get in better shape, I want to add spinning to the weekly regimen as well.  (The indoor cycling, that is, spinning yarn is something I’m already doing!  I do like the semantic connection…)

I really want to get more physical activity into my routine.  It makes me feel so much better!  I love walking, the trouble is making myself do it once I get comfortably ensconced at home after a long day at work.  And the rainy season is beginning.  Such as it is around these parts.  I love swimming even more – but the monthly fee at the local pool is a lot higher than the gym’s, and it’s also an individual activity which takes a lot of motivation.  So signing up at the gym was my solution for now – lots of classes, a regular schedule, lots of company while I’m doing it, and the incentive that I’m paying for it, so I had better go!

What regular exercise do you do?  Do you prefer doing it alone or with others?


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