A book winner and more

First of all, thanks for your mystery comments!  I enjoy all the authors mentioned, and Esther, of course Agatha Christie was the first major cozy writer, which is why the annual cozy mystery awards are called the Agatha Awards!   Laura, I also love Laurie King’s books, although up until now I’ve only read her Kate Martinelli series…based on your comment I will now have to read the Mary Russell series as well!  And the new Kate Collins book is going to…


Nupur, I will be emailing you for your address, and I’ll have the book sent directly to you.  Enjoy it!!!

In knitting news, the baby blanket is just past halfway done.  Although I’m contemplating doing four rows of bears instead of three, which means a quick trip to the LYS for more yarn.  Here it is, not yet washed and blocked, of course:

Despite the yarn being oh-so- soft and squishy, the bear shape comes through beautifully!

It should stretch out just a bit with blocking, I think.

Received my September swap package from Steph in Texas this week, and what treasures!  It was a coffee and tea swap this month.  I sent her some Turkish coffee and a finjan to make it with (with instructions, of course), a whole bunch of teas and a yellow teapot, autumn coloured superwash wool yarn and some vanilla halvah.  In return I was once again totally spoiled.

Some wonderful KP Gloss Lace yarn in the ultramarine colour – I’ve never knitted with this yarn before, I can’t wait to cast on! The silk gives it a lovely shine, and the colour is beautiful.

Lots-n-lots of teas, from Tazo and Stash  and the Tea Embassy, chocolate chai,  and some fantastic black vanilla tea from the Ceylon Tea Company that I couldn’t wait to try – brewed some up immediately!

Some Clover bamboo needles, lace patterns,  a whole box of Reeses Pieces (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE), and two handmade gifts – a gorgeous tea cup cozy and a darling purple flower that I plan to sew onto a hat.

I’m sitting out the October swap, although I’ll probably join in the November cooking swap, and I’m modding the December chocolate swap.  And, it’s that time of year, so I’ve signed up for the Jewish Fiberaholics Chanuka swap, which is always so much fun.  That should be enough to satisfy my fix.

Hm.  I joke about fix, and addiction, although that really is far from a funny subject, and I certainly do not mean to belittle the tremendous courage people with addictions have in dealing with them.  In the same vein, it’s common in the fiber world to use the terms enabling, and enabler, for those who support and encourage the craft and all that goes with it, although they are not usually seen as positive things in society in general.  No disrespect intended!  In knitting, if someone is debating whether to buy a certain yarn, or to try a certain new pattern or skill,  an “enabler” will say “Go for it!”  Not quite the same thing as someone who enables another to continue destructive behaviour.   So…I will continue to define myself as – among other things – a swapaholic, without getting too carried away, of course.


4 Responses to “A book winner and more”

  1. Nupur Says:

    Thanks so much- I am so excited about reading a cozy mystery, and this author is new to me which is even more exciting.

    Is this a swap on Ravelry? I love swapping there and the themes for Nov and Dec sound very interesting. I LOVE knitpicks Gloss yarn, although I have never tried the lace, only the fingering. What a great swap package.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Hope you like the series as much as I do!

      Yep, they’re swaps on Ravelry, in the Ten Dollar Swap group – the package isn’t to exceed $10 (not counting shipping) with the yarn value up to $4. Come join in!

      I have knitted with KP Shadow in lace, but not the Gloss, so it was a perfect choice. 🙂

  2. Roberta Says:

    Swapoholic, enabler, yarnoholic, tea & mystery ‘oholic…. we still love you 🙂

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