Sipping, Stitching, Sleuthing and Swooning

The Ravelry ETTB has just made another stop here in Haifa.  This time the traveling tea box arrived from Holland and now has gone on its merry way to Norway.  It was filled to bursting, as usual!

Along with some lovely teas, including some organic rooibos, I took out a skein of chocolate brown Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – not yet sure what I’ll be doing with it, but I haven’t yet knit with this yarn and I’ve heard so many good things about it.  Love the sheen, even on a dark colour.  There were some great tea accessories, too…and I added this fun tea mug I found.

The third shipment from the Unique Sheep Sip-n-Stitch club arrived!

A lovely skein of Sushi Sock yarn in the Sencha Green Tea colourway, some of the same tea from not just tea, and some fantastically scented organic soap from Koala Care.  I normally don’t like scented things, unless it’s tea or vanilla scent, and this smells heavenly.  Don’t know yet what’s in store for the yarn.  Something leafy, methinks.  I have the perfect project for the yarn from the first shipment, as soon as I clear some of the WIPs and baby gifts away.

Meet Miss Maple!

I found this darling purple sheep, and had to have her.  There was a minor scuffle with kidlet over whether Miss M. stays with me or goes off to boarding school, but Mom won this round.  The sheep stays.  She is, of course, named for the extremely clever character in Leonie Swann’s book Three Bags Full, a very funny and quirky book about a flock of Irish sheep who solve the mystery of who killed their shepherd.  Enchanting reading how the sheep struggle to understand the human mind and experience filtered through their own sheepy perspective.

For those who follow the Daily Squee over at the Cheezburger network, this little guy exploded off my scale of cuteness last week…why do I do this to myself?  Now I need to hug a puppy…


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