Holidays do come in bunches…

Well,  all the fall holidays are finally over.  Kidlet came home from school for Yom Kippur, then had to go back for the few days before Sukkot – but then she was home for 11 busy days!

The fast went pretty easily this year.  We traditionally break the 25-hour fast with a light meal, which I learned from my mother.  We had some cold baked salmon, smoked whitefish, salads and my favourite comfort food which I’ve passed on to kidlet.  Easiest thing in the world, too.  Noodles – my mom always used the widest flat egg noodles, but I use all different kinds of pasta, this time it was shells – cooked to proper chewiness, then a package of cottage cheese dumped in, mixed in and salt added.  Quick, simple, and so good.

We enjoyed having kidlet at home.  Half the time we were doing family things, and half the time I was playing chauffeur as she got to see lots of her pals.  A shopping trip where we had dinner, then partner took kidlet shopping while I sat with a pot of tea and got to knit.  (Couldn’t do much walking, somehow I managed to get an infection of the muscle sheath in my leg – back on pain killers and anti-inflammatories and no strenuous physical activity for a couple of weeks…)  We also used some of the time to go through kidlet’s room, sorting and making piles of clothes, toys, and “stuff” that kidlet is finally willing to let go of.  Very emotionally draining.  And there’s suddenly space to move in her room.

We spent a lovely day in Caesaria at our friend Ilana’s 70th birthday party, had a wonderful time getting caught up with some old friends we don’t see nearly enough.  Since Ilana is also a purple freak, I knitted up a scarf with the purple Soul Wool nestled in my stash.  I first experimented with the red Soul Wool, knitting the reversible plaited scarf by Stephen Jones.

I love how it’s turning out, but it will be a little short, and I wanted a longer scarf for my friend.  So I tried reducing the stitches to make it a thinner braid, but after knitting about half a meter I decided it looked awful and frogged it.  I finally chose the Easy One Skein Chunky Scarf by Teri Stout – leave it to me to find a lace pattern for super bulky yarn!

I really like the fact that it’s a three-row pattern – actually two knit rows and a pattern row, so each time the pattern is knitted on alternate sides, making the scarf reversible.  And the Soul Wool is soooooooooo soft.  I was a bit concerned that the pattern was just a wee bit too structured for Soul Wool. which I feel should be as flowing and free as possible, but the quality of the yarn shines through the pattern anyway.

Aside from the scarf, it seems it’s baby season!  Three of my friends have just had babies, and another friend is over the moon waiting for her first grandchild!  So I’ve been busy knitting lots of baby things, like the Teddy Bear Blanket by Barbara Breiter.  It uses two strands of yarn held together throughout, I chose yellow and cream.

I did manage to get in a yarn crawl before the leg started acting up.  Found a great local alternative to Sugar-n-Cream yarn – BBB  Bali Italian kitchen cotton!! Luscious colours, too.  I got entirely too many of them.   Pictures of projects to follow…

And so this morning I returned to work, and kidlet travelled back to school.  Time to get caught up on sleep and get back into routine.   I remember a line from the book series “All-Of-A-Kind-Family”  where one of the children marvels that “Jewish holidays do seem to come in bunches, don’t they?”  Yes, they do.  And now we can take it easy until Chanuka.


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2 Responses to “Holidays do come in bunches…”

  1. Esther Says:

    That Teddy bear blanket is lovely! I’m always looking for new baby blankets as I’m not too keen on holey ones that might trap baby fingers.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I fell in love with it when I saw it, the pattern is cute, and as you say, no holes to trap little fingers and toes…

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