A Day at a Time


I really should stop reading so many interesting blogs,  I encounter way too many things I want to be a part of!

The latest example is the 365 Project, which I read about on Leslie’s blog A Friend to knit with.    A very simple concept,  you record the little day to day things by taking/posting a picture a day.   Some folks do it to improve their photography skills, some do it instead of blogging, some do it to capture images of the small memories that one can otherwise quickly forget and then have a collection as a sort of perspective at the end of the year.  One can start at any time, no need to wait until the beginning of a month, or a year.

Except for the second reason above, I love this idea!  I almost always have a camera with me anyway, and I constantly pull it out to snap random pictures.  Since it’s not long at all from the beginning of the Hebrew year, I will record 5771 in photographs.    I’m following Leslie’s lead in posting the pictures not only on the 365 Project website, but also in a collection on Flickr.     I may or may not add them here to my blog – I usually take more than one picture anyway to post here!    Some of the pictures I’ll post there, and the commentary I can add here.

In any case,  although I’ve missed a few days since Rosh HaShana, I have a couple of images that I’ve added from the past week, and hopefully it will become a daily habit.

This is pear and beet juice that I was intrigued by and decided to taste at Cafe Louise.  (Partner was not so adventurous, and stuck with her Stella Artois beer.)  It was an interesting taste combination, good but not as refreshing as I’d hoped.  Their melon and mint juice was much better.

This I snapped while walking past a garden down the street from my flat.  The plant was full of these monster buds, each one bigger than my fist.  Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?   Don’t those look like long fingers??  I really have to find out what this plant is, it’s some kind of cactus or succulent, but other than that I have no clue yet.

Here are pictures of the leaves and more buds, if that helps anyone identify this?

I’ll wait until the flowers bloom and snap another photo or two, that may help in figuring out what this mysterious (well, to me at least) plant is.


5 Responses to “A Day at a Time”

  1. Esther Says:

    Have you seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

  2. Wilma Says:

    It’s a night-blooming cereus. My mother’s just bloomed this weekend. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, but you’re right, the buds look just evil.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thank you! I was certain some knowledgeable person would help me out here. 🙂 The beautiful flowers here did bloom, but for a very short time! By the time I managed to get back there with my camera, they were all wilted.

  3. A new year in pictures | Eclecticitee Says:

    […] tried doing the 365 project a few years ago.  Following the concept of documenting a year, by posting – every day – a photograph […]

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