A Whirlwind of Preparation

Today was the last day of work before everyone goes on vacation for a week.   Rush rush rush to get everything done before closing.  Last-minute details and glitches.  Trying to clear the desk.

Another three days before we leave on our holiday.  We’re off on a cruise, this time to different Greek isles.  Lots of racing around to take care of all sorts of personal details before we go.  Found a place to board the cat.

Finished the bind-off on the Seascape Stole on the way to work!  It wasn’t as loose as I would have liked, I’m still debating undoing it and using larger needles.  But I want to block it and take it with me on the ship, it’s perfect for a cool breeze on deck.   On the way home, I dusted off the Glorianna scarf yet again.  I want to finally finish that.  I still have to decide what WIPs I’m taking with me.

I can’t wait to sit back and relax on holiday!  Pressure cooker for the next couple of days, though…  No weekend shopping, have to clear out the fridge.

It really is time to get away.

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