Not recommended by dentists

Kidlet needs to take some treats in for the end of summer school party tomorrow.  We wanted to go together, but she hasn’t been feeling well, so today after work I got instructions and set off alone to grab some treats.

Care to join me at our local sweet shop?  Never go here when you’re hungry.

I filled up three bags with loose candy.  Mostly gummy stuff – gumdrops, gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy hearts….well, you get the idea.  A few other types got thrown in there too, like licorice…

They have fancy stuff, too, but not for kidlet’s party.

Gift packages, too.

On the middle shelf to the left, you can see my personal favourite, stroopwafels.   Do you like stroopwafels?  They’re a Dutch treat, two very thin layers of wafers with syrup/caramel/other filling in the middle.    I save them for guests, and occasionally a very rare treat.  Do you know the proper way to eat  them?  Let this fellow show you!

Have a sweet day!


One Response to “Not recommended by dentists”

  1. purlverde Says:

    Wonderful! I would now love to try a stroopwafel!!!

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