Furniture for animal lovers

I’ve found the perfect sofa.  Now all I need is a new house big enough that it will fit into.

Soft, flexible…you can probably move the legs and tail around to whatever comfy shape you want.  After all, cats usually use us as furniture however they please, it’s time the tables (or rather sofas) were turned.

Seeing this sent me off on a quest to search out more animal furniture.

Here’s a couch from Harrod’s  that looks quite comfy as well.  Can you find the ducks and turtle?

photo by memimenam

The problem here is I can’t see myself knitting on this couch.  Drop a needle, or goddess forbid a stitch marker,  and you can search for it forever.

Rodolfo Rocchetti from Tappezzeria Rocchetti is a master upholsterer from Rome, and he has made some …um… interesting pieces of furniture.

They do not look very comfy.   And I’m a little worried about those horns.  Although they could be useful in winding skeins of yarn….

Nothing to do with animals, but I kinda like this scrabble furniture.

Designed by Stephen Reed Industrial Design and Alistair Willmott. The end tables serve as double and triple word scores.  Interesting possibilities, you can leave messages for people.  Or shopping lists.  Not so sure about the comfy factor here.

This last discovery was enough to stop me from searching any more.  This is by far the creepiest piece of furniture I have ever seen, and I love sheep.  But this is way past too much.  Ew!  Triple ew!

I can’t imagine the mind that conceived this…….     Don’t have nightmares now…


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