My posties know me by name…

Got some packages and surprises in the mail today.  I love packages and surprises, don’t you?

In the mail I got some signed bookmarks from Lorna Barrett to celebrate the release of her book Chapter and Hearse (Booktown Mysteries).

Then the packages.

I won a prize in the Dancing Cranes KAL last month, and it arrived!  Some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in the TidePooling colourway – really lovely!

Sara, who sent me the yarn, also sent a darling button for my collection:

Then my summer picnic swap package from Beverly in France also arrived!  Bev chose a theme of  “teatime on a terrace” for the package, and it’s wonderful.

A tablecloth made by her grandmother that reminded Bev of Alice in Wonderland, wrapped with some dried wildflowers. The little ceramic teacups were originally yogurt pots – to protect fingers from getting burned Bev knitted little  cotton sleeves.

Vanilla Rooibos tea from the Tea Zone.  Dark chocolate from Saint Domingue.  Sesame biscuits.  A pretty notebook.  A book of MFK Fisher’s journals and stories.  Lavender lace weight cotton yarn.  Some wool wash.  And a note that was also a puzzle.

I’ve been spoiled yet again.


And to add to the joy, California’s Proposition Hate Eight has been overturned!  By a Republican judge once considered too anti-gay to sit on the bench!



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