Heat Wave

The worst heat wave this year has hit, and from reports it shows no signs of letting up, at least for the rest of the week. The electricity company is concerned that there will be an overload with all the air conditioners going, there are requests on the radio and tv to refrain from using unnecessary electrical appliances.

I’m still managing to get some knitting done, while sitting in the blast of the AC in the minibus.  I’m well into the 7th and last repeat of Chart B of the Seascape Stole.  Only now is the first skein of yarn running out, so I’ll only use a wee bit of the second skein for Chart C and the bind off.  And have a bunch left over to figure out a new project for.  The Manos is just too wonderful to knit with, must use it up!

Heat plus humidity is making people lethargic.  (OK, me.  And kidlet.)  Still, I continue to prefer heat over cold, summer over winter. What’s your favourite season?

In any case, I think this beastie has entirely the right idea.

Hm.  Time to go make some iced tea.



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