Enjoying more cuppas

My tea stash is growing more than my yarn stash lately.    That’s not an easy accomplishment.

Last month Harney and Sons had a big promotional discount,  so I was able to grab some of their teas I had long wanted to try.  (I had received some of their Vanilla Comoro in a swap and loved it.)

The Florence is a chocolate hazelnut black tea, totally decadent.  The Boston is also a black tea, this one with cranberries and almonds.  The clever travel case, called a tagalong,  has sachets of African Autumn – rooibos, cranberries and oranges.   And as a gift – because Harney & Sons always sends a little gift with an order – a packet of their Organic Green tea, with citrus and ginkgo.

Then, over at 52teas (a part of  the Zoomdweebie’s group), they had a clearance sale to make room for the oodles of new tea blends coming up.  Now how could I resist?  These are mostly limited edition teas, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I got a good variety.  The Wild Cherry is a black tea, Sheri’s blend is rooibos with apricot and cinnamon, the Banana-Peach is green tea, and the last is “You Put The” lime in the coconut, you blend it with some green yerba mate, some lemon balm, lemon verbena, and lemongrass, and then you drink it all up!  By the way, they’re having an even bigger clearance right now, only for US customers, so head over there and say hi to Frank for me!

If all this wasn’t enough, my second shipment from The Unique Sheep Sip-n-Stitch club arrived!  Yarn and tea, double goodness.

The yarn is Verve – a luscious merino fingerweight – in the Buccaneer colourway.  A Unique Sheep mug.  Honey sticks, which are totally unnecessary with this tea, which is SerendipiTea‘s Buccaneer blend – a mix of black, rooibos and nilgiri tea with chocolate, vanilla and coconut added.  Wow.  I almost burned my mouth trying to gulp this, it’s that good.  I have to confess I did not know what nilgiri was, and I had to google it.  From Wikipedia:

Nilgiri tea is generally described as being a dark, intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavourful tea grown in the southern portion of the Western Ghats mountains of Southern India.

Drank some fantastic tea and learned something new.  Not bad.  And I will find something very special for the yarn!

I discovered a new tea at a local café, too.  Ordered chai, and was served with Julius Meinl chai, a brand I didn’t know.

Properly brewed with milk and spices, with cinnamon sticks added.  I haven’t seen this brand for sale in the shops, though.  I guess it will remain a treat when out.

At work, a manager from one of our China branches came to visit, and since I made all his arrangements, he brought me a gift – jasmine tea from Suzhou.  It came in a beautiful tin, which I will use long after the tea has been appreciated.

Found a cute new tea accessory at the mall, to keep your tea hot.  It’s a cup/mug cover, made of silicon and with a rubber duckie handle.

The silicon fits snugly over any size mug and doesn’t heat up itself, very practical.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have one in purple.  And no sheep handle.   sigh

Finally, if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the tea lover you love, check out tea pillows!  They’re a bit beyond my budget, but certainly intriguing, and I’m wondering if I can make one of these myself somehow…

So…..join me in a cuppa tea?   Happy sipping!


3 Responses to “Enjoying more cuppas”

  1. Roberta R Says:

    I envy your love for tea 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    O I love a good tea and that silicon cover is perfect for a good cup. I will have to find one.

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