I’m a Fool !!

Back in April,  Silverlotus held a contest on her blog Reflections in the Pond, calling it “I’m a fool”.  Why?  In her words:

I can’t knit with wool.  It makes my throat itch, my tongue feels like it is swelling, and my eyes water.  It isn’t a pleasant experience, and I figure it is about darn time that I stop experimenting with wool yarn.  I keep trying to prove to myself that it is all in my head, only to get ill all over again.

So she had a giveaway with wool yarn she had bought and tried to knit with, only to suffer.  I was lucky enough to win her contest, and this week the yarn arrived!  In the package were: one skein each of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca (wool and alpaca) in colour Salt & Pepper , Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine (wool, alpaca, & nylon)  in Salt & Pepper , and Filatura di Costa Zarina (superwash merino) in bright blue.

She also sent some great pattern suggestions, which I will take into account, although as usual, I will wait for the yarn to tell me what it wants to be in its own sweet time.  Thanks again, Heather!!

Why was winning this contest so very appropriate for me?  In the Tarot, my personality card is The Fool.  Not in the sense of “idiot”, thank you very much, the Fool card is very special.  The Fool is one of three cards in the Tarot that is sometimes numbered uniquely. Most often, the Fool is placed at the beginning of the Major Arcana and is given the Number 0. Sometimes, the Fool is listed as the last card in the Trump cards, and given the Number 22. The most worthless card, yet also the most valuable one.   The first and the last, the alpha and the omega.  Technically, the Fool is very much akin to the “Jester” or “Wild Card” in regular playing cards. Living outside the confines of the regular cards, given a special status.  S/he is the innocent, the whimsical, the “inner child” mixed with the “inner sage” that lives down deep inside of us all.   Enjoying travel on all levels – mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.      Key words associated with the Fool are new beginnings, important decisions and optimism.  The Fool coaxes us to walk our own path, not the path of the “herd”.

This, of course, is combined together with my soul card, which is The Emperor.   Assertive and confident, an aura of authority.  (OK, OK, bossy….)   And my shadow or teacher card, which is Death.  Yeah, I know,  but hear me out.  The shadow card is what teaches us what is holding us back, what we need to learn to realise the full potential of our personality card.  And when I looked deeper into  the meaning of the Death card, I found this (italics mine):

Transformation and renewal is natural to you, not something to be avoided or frightened of.  You recognize the importance of letting go of elements in your life that are no longer useful, or hold you back from the future you’re trying to create.   New opportunities can only be realized when the clutter from the past is cleared.  You are especially adept at moving forward when the time comes.  Holding on to the past, or wallowing in the loss of times gone by will only stagnate your inner growth.

The word clutter is the key here.  Meet Queen Packrat.  I have a hard time getting rid of anything – on all levels –  and many times it has truly been a burden.   So what my shadow card is saying is hey, you can’t travel or be free with all the extra baggage.  Lose it.  The clutter has to go.  (Except for a few things, of course, on the physical plane…one can’t have too many books, or too much yarn, for example…)

Did I need the Tarot to tell me this?  Not really.  But it sure hit close to the mark.

If you want to know your own soul and personality cards, here’s a good link.

And in other knitting news, my JAL and KAL  WIPs are moving right along.

I’m on the third and last repeat of the Dancing Cranes stole – there are some extra rows in between the pattern repeats  that weren’t supposed to be there, they got knitted while I was sitting with kidlet in the hospital, and I wasn’t terribly focused.   No way I was going to tink or frog lace mohair, so for the next repeat I knitted the same extra rows intentionally.  It still works.

And the Seascape stole is past the halfway mark – I’m now into the 5th pattern repeat of the second chart.  I’m planning 7.    Still loving this yarn!!!!!

It’s fun knitting two stoles at the same time, one knitted lengthwise, and one widthwise.  I like the variety.

Maybe that’s the Fool in me….


3 Responses to “I’m a Fool !!”

  1. Roberta R Says:

    It seems you are my kind of fool 🙂

    Your project look more beautiful than ever!

    I hope kidlet is well.


  2. Teena in Toronto Says:

    Alas, my needles are dusty … it’s been so long since I’ve felt like knitting.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

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