Swapping, Oregon style

Last month’s $10 swap was all about our hometowns.  I sent lots of goodies from Haifa and all of Israel, and yesterday I received my package from Jess in Portland, Oregon!  Thanks, Jess!!

First, there was reclaimed yarn from her etsy shop, 1000 yards of lace weight 100% wool, in the Columbine colourway – purples!!

There was lots of info about Portland and Oregon in general – places like the Oregon Zoo, the Portland Japanese Garden, and a bunch more brochures and maps – a Portland bookmark, postcards and flyers about places and events.  I was very curious about a “Kick-ass Crafters Battle” – a Rebel Craft Rumble by Scrap.  Jess says it’s a kind of an Iron Chef event with crafters, I love it.   She sent me a coaster with a sheep on it, and shells from the Willamette River.    I love this little rainbow Oregon umbrella pin.

There was also a box of Tazo tea – Green Ginger (with pear).  Now I like a hint of ginger, but I’m not a great fan of lots of ginger…like I love a snowflake floating by the window but I don’t like getting smacked in the face with a snowball. When I opened the tea, the ginger smell hit me like a snowball. It continued while steeping, so I cut the steeping time a little short in fear that it would just be too overwhelming. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it. I taste the lemongrass and the ginger, kind of a peppery taste, but not the green tea so much. And the pear seems to be afraid of the ginger, it’s hiding pretty well. Maybe a little pear in the aftertaste, a faint finish.  The tea actually tasted better as it cooled, so I am definitely going to try this iced!!!   The box itself is very interesting reading.  (Of course I read the boxes, don’t you?)   There’s a lot about good karma – in how they harvest the tea, and in recycling the packaging. And how the Romans brought ginger from India to Europe.  They claim this tea is yin, yang and yow – the yin being the green tea, the yang the ginger, and the yow the pear. I would call this a basically yang tea.  But the one sentence on the box that captivated me was this one:

Tazo is an enticing source of wonder, inspiration, and antioxidants.

Now there is something to aspire to.

At the other end of the US, Nora in Connecticut has received her tea-and-yarn swap package from me.  She wanted to keep it unopened until I received mine from her, but I told her to go ahead and tear into it, I couldn’t stand the suspense waiting to see if she liked it!  She did like it, and I can finally reveal a couple of projects that were under wraps until now.  First, I made her a teacup cloth, in organic cotton.

I knitted my first bobble stitches for this, and I’m quite proud of them.

Nora also has cats, so I knitted up a little bumblebee toy for them, which was lots of fun.

Today I received a notice from the post office that there’s a package waiting for me, so I hope it’s my surprise from Nora.  When she thanked me for her package, she mentioned that I will see in mine that “great minds think alike”,  so now I’m very very curious!!

I do love swaps.


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2 Responses to “Swapping, Oregon style”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I love that dishcloth!

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