Saturday stupor

Haven’t done much of anything today.  I actually managed to sleep in a little, but since I went to bed so late it didn’t really count.

Why so late?  Kidlet was out with her friends – she has a weekend curfew of 2 am.  So I’m up.  I gave her money, they were all planning on eating out, and a little extra.  She said some of the kids would walk her home.  Shortly before 2, I  called her and reminded her that she should be on her way.  She said that her friends wanted to stay out later, so she would walk the 3 kilometers home alone.  I told her no way, to grab a cab.  She didn’t want to spend her money for a cab.  I told her I’d pay her back, just get a cab.  She argued, but finally agreed.  On the way (it was already 2:30 by now) she called to tell me her money had fallen out of her wallet into her bag, and she couldn’t find it.  So guess who had to get up, get dressed, and go outside to pay the driver?

So today, I’ve done a little bit around the house, knitted a bit, blocked a bit, but mostly vegged out in front of the computer.  Wanted to blog about several subjects, but I’m not being terribly focused or coherent.

So I’ll just rely on some interesting things I’ve seen while browsing  YouTube recently – totally unconnected, random clips.

This one, it should be noted, is not animal abuse for the sake of entertainment, and it’s explained that the mother cat chose to have her litter there, the owner kept trying to block off the slide, but in this case just filmed what was happening.

Whether or not this is the future of shopping, I have no idea.  I kind of like it, especially not having to go through the bother of undressing/dressing/repeat.  But I have lots of questions here about how it works….

And finally, something that just tickles the heck out of me (with sweet memories of Lynyrd Skynyrd):

Have an excellent week!


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