In Leaps and Bounds…

…that’s how time is getting away from me.  Days are just flying by, it’s the end of May already and here I was trying to catch up on my blog.  Piffle.

All my knitting gifts are completed, two are on their way to recipients and one is still waiting to be blocked.  The Seascape stole has been started, I’m halfway through the second repeat of Chart B.  I’m planning 7 repeats.  The Manos lace is a dream to work with…I try to get other things done and I just keep coming back to the lace thinking ok, just another row…  very hard to put down.

The yarn is so fine!   Soft and smooshy and delicate and teeny.   This:

is 83 stitches!   And it stretches/ will block to full stole width.

Meanwhile, over at the Loopy Ewe, they were having a sale on Malabrigo lace yarn.  I just happened to notice while I was checking out something entirely different, and…um….well…. customer service was, as usual, superb and this lovely little skein in Purple Mystery is now snuggled safely in my stash.

It is destined at some point to become a Haruni shawl, but for the moment it is being happily petted as is…

With all the lace projects OTN or planned, I felt I needed to balance them with a project in thicker yarn.  And the lovely aran wool I received from Danielle in Australia was pestering me.

I found the perfect project!  The Pasticcio Circular Vest by Shelley Mackie and Elann.  Here’s the beginning, I’m almost  to the armholes now.

The pattern momentarily confused me – it uses two different terms for yarn overs – yo for a yarn over before a knit  stitch and yrn for a yarn over before a purl stitch when you bring the yarn forward after the wrap.  But once I figured that out, I was ok, and the mesh pattern is very simple to remember.

I received my first shipment from The Unique Sheep Sip ‘n’ Stitch yarn and tea club!!

The first out of six, they’ll be spaced two months apart.   The package included Goddess Teas Persephone Black tea, a mesh-ball tea infuser, and hand-dyed organic cotton/bamboo yarn in the Persephone colourway (which involves a lot of purple….bliss).

The tea is a very good basic black, full bodied taste and no bitterness. It brewed up a deep golden red, and there is a very faint hint of fruit in the taste, but exactly what I’m not sure, perhaps cherry. It’s yummy with or without milk.  I don’t know if this is available commercially, it may be that it was blended just for the club. And at the moment the Goddess Teas online shop is under maintenance, so I can’t check. I have written to ask, though, as this is definitely a tea that I would purchase again.

The yarn is lovely and soft, hand-dyed in this colourway for the club.  I have no idea what I’ll do with it yet, I’m sure it will let me know in its own sweet time.

Update on Tasha’s project over on Knitty Knitty Bang Bang.  She now has 72 chemo caps for the New Orleans Children’s Hospital, which I think is fantastic!   I loved contributing to this,  and it’s simply icing on the cake that today she let me know that I won two skeins of yarn for doing so!  I’ll certainly post when they arrive.

Much more going on, more updates to come.  I spent a whole day watching clips and listening to the soundtrack of Easy Rider…RIP Dennis Hopper.   Now it looks like current events may be the center of attention for a while.  To be continued…


3 Responses to “In Leaps and Bounds…”

  1. knittingdancer Says:

    Chana, congratulations on winning the 2 skeins of yarn from Tasha. My sister and I both sent her chemo hats for her project.


    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thank you! I’m actually pretty jazzed about winning both yarns – the Lorna’s Laces looks absolutely amazing!

  2. Jennifer Wike Says:

    Do youhave the pattern for the Pasticcio circular vest? It is no longer available on the Elann website. I would really appreciate it if you could send it to me if you have it!


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