Happy Birthday, Boss!

Wow, I’m tired.

My  boss’ birthday was actually last month – his 60th – but the party kept getting put off because people were abroad, or dates and times weren’t working out.  We finally had his “surprise” party today.  He knew something was happening, it was on his calendar, but he didn’t know what.

We (the management department) left work a little after noon and started out by driving into the north – a whole convoy of cars.  I got a car from work for the weekend, so I was a driver, not a passenger.  My colleague Tzvia rode with me – her boss was leading the convoy and he kept phoning back to us pointing out various spots and sites along the way.  It really was gorgeous countryside.

We drove to the village of Jish, also known as Gush Halav, for a fantastic lunch.  Lots and lots of hot and cold salads and spreads, hot pita bread, then I had skewers of game hen,  and madjara (rice and lentils).  I finished with hot black tea in a glass filled with fresh spearmint leaves.

Very full, we got back into the cars and kept heading north.  We got to moshav Dishon,  where we parked our cars and switched to ATVs.  First, though, we were given helmets and each got a short lesson in ATV driving.  Then we got into groups and hit the trails with our fantastic guides.

Tzvia was the only one not driving, she relaxed back at the base station while the rest of us cavorted around nature.  Up and down and around the Naftali mountains, bumping over boulders and through streams.  This was my first time on an ATV, it was quite an experience.  We took a break for coffee and cookies at a spot overlooking the Huleh Valley.

All in all, we toured around for about 1-1/2 hours.  Some of it, like on steep inclines or descents, at a crawl, and some of it, on open trails, we really opened up and sailed along.  My arm muscles were pretty tired by the time we got back!    I do have to confess, one thought that kept creeping into my head while jouncing along the mountain trails through beautiful scenery was how we were all polluting that scenery with our driving through it!!  Very distracting thought while trying to concentrate on uneven terrain.

My boss thanked us all for a great birthday treat, and we all went our separate ways home from there.  When I called kidlet, she said she was at a mall with some friends.  Since the mall was on the way home, and we had been driving a long time, Tzvia and I stopped and relaxed for a while at a café there until kidlet was ready to go home.  She and a couple of her friends piled into the back of the car, I dropped folks off here and there, and we got home all tuckered out.  First thing I did was head for a long hot shower to get all the trail dust off of me.

Tomorrow we start out early for a music festival weekend at the Sea of Galilee, the Jacob’s Ladder Festival.  We try and go every spring.  It actually started today, but there’s no way I have the energy for another long drive and then to set up a tent and campsite tonight.  So we’ll only go for two days, which is also great fun.  Some of the things I’ll pack in the car already tonight, so we can just pack the food and a few other odds and ends in the morning.   I’ll be computer-less for a couple of days. so no blogging until I get home, but there will be huge amounts of knitting time.  (Oh, and some spinning too, I think.)  And some thumping good music!!!  Stories when I get back!


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