I think I’m finally beginning to “get” this spinning business.  It’s certainly taken a while!!

A year ago, at the Yarn-and-Falafel Spring Fiber Fling, I missed the spinning lesson.  I was so disappointed!  Someone gave me an extra spindle and some undyed roving, and tried to explain briefly what the idea is – but I decided to wait, and put these exotic treasures away until they could be properly explained.

I waited patiently until our winter retreat in January.  This time I got the explanation, but it just didn’t seem to click.

photo by Ayelet

I tried on and off after that, but it was hard work and the result just wasn’t right.  I couldn’t resist temptation, however, and bought one of Galia’s handmade spindles for when I “figured out how to do this”.

Last week was the second annual Yarn-and-Falafel Spring Fling – and this time it seemed that almost everyone wanted to try spinning.  Aha!  I could start again with all the beginners.  I also decided that I would learn this time with Galia’s spindle and the merino roving I bought at Yodfat – start from scratch with quality stuff!

photo by Galia

(That’s me with the blue roving on the  right.)

This time it made a lot more sense!  It was still difficult – after all, it takes time to learn a new craft – but it went well enough that I wanted to practice more, instead of putting it away in a drawer again.  I watched Yael carefully, and also Galia.

photo by Roberta

I bought a spindle bag from her, too.  Her etsy shop really is worth checking out, btw – and I’m not just saying this because she’s a friend.  She does fantastic work.

This is the Kaleidoscope top whorl spindle I  bought from her

I’ve now got the spindle and roving (in their bag) in my knitting bag, and sometimes take a break from knitting to attempt some more spinning.  I even spent some time spinning during my lunch break!  Today it went a lot more easily.  I’m still doing spin and park, and I probably will for a while, but hey, it’s working, and I’m really starting to feel what I’m doing!   Next I have to learn how to ply…but I’m taking baby steps here.

I figure I’ll keep practicing with the roving from Yodfat – there’s enough of it – before I dare spin some yarn with this amazing roving I bought from Liat.

Now I just have to figure out a way to enjoy spinning without giving up any of my knitting time.   Methinks this may be a wee problem….


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