Still catching up

Lots of knitting (and even some spinning) getting done.

Finished the fourth kiddy chemo cap, and sent them all off to Tasha for her project.

I was still on a hat kick, so I quickly knitted up kidlet’s butterfly hat that she had chosen.   She loves it, keeps wearing it even when it’s hot out!

I love the butterfly pattern, simple but oh so clever,   I think I’ll be making more of these!  It also got oohs and aahs at our last Stitch-n-Bitch get-together, so we may just start a little local fashion trend all by ourselves.

The Bitterroot shawl has been worn quite a bit at work – the days are hot but the mornings and evenings still cool, just right  for a shawl – and during the hot days my office buddies like to turn up the air conditioning way too cool for me, so out comes the shawl again…

And……………………….Drum roll…….

I’ve finished the Luna Moth !!!  It finished blocking last week.  My moth has spread her wings to fly!

I’m giddy with pleasure at how it turned out.

Amazing design!  (But then, most of Shui Kuen Kosinski’s designs are…)

And I found the perfect shawl pin, made out of coconut shell-

I’ve finished another project, that for the moment must remain a secret, and cast on for one more that will also remain under wraps for now.  Once they are received by their respective recipients I promise to reveal all!  ( I can say that one of these projects involved my very first bobble stitches!)

The hoodie is almost done – no, it didn’t get done by Pesach, but kidlet was thrilled by her hat in the meantime…  And the Baana is slowly but surely getting bigger.  I’ve been photographed knitting that puppy in so many places … like in this café on Independence Day

I’m now calling it the traveling baana – I suppose the next step is to photograph celebrities holding the baana in progress….  perhaps it’s destined to be forever a WIP, with the yarn continuously replenishing itself in the darkness…

The Yarn and Falafel crowd got together for the second annual National Spring Fling, and much fun was had  by all – I’ll post more all about that soon!  And about the population explosion in my stash….  *  ahem *


2 Responses to “Still catching up”

  1. Esther Says:

    It was great to see you in TA and the Luna Moth is truly a thing of beauty.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thank you!
      And yes, it was great getting together, we need to do it more often, we’re not that far apart!!

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