Caps, blobs and bubbles

I’ve finished the third kiddy chemo cap.  The wide stripes are ok, I think now I’ll try to finish up the yarn and do one more in narrow stripes of both colours.

Making nice progress on the Luna Moth shawl, I’m into the fifth round of the chart.  Unblocked it’s looking pretty much like a blob of yarn with very pretty colours,  I can’t wait till I  finish and block it!

This isn’t a “quality” yarn,  it’s a blend I got in a clearance  sale, but the colours are amazing!  Beige, tan, chocolate, green, gray, charcoal, white, all blending into what I hope will be a beautiful shawl!

It actually has nothing to do with the colours of a real luna moth…but never mind.  I’ll make my own species…

(Look, purple!!!)

Got a wonderful package in the mail this week.  Kassandra over in her blog Knits in a Lively Breeze had a blogiversary contest and I was lucky enough to win.  What did I win?  A soap sock!!  What, are you asking, is a soap sock?  Well, in Kassandra’s words:

They’re a small bag of wool knit tightly around the soap. As you use it, the wool felts more and keeps shrinking to match the size of the soap. It helps your soap last longer, is exfoliating AND helps keep you from dropping your soap in the shower!

I got to choose whatever soap I wanted from her selected vendor, and I got to choose a colour.  We all know what I chose, right?  Even without peeking.  First, here’s the soap I chose:

And here’s the fantastic soap sock!

I think it’s a great job, it smells heavenly, and it will be such a treat in the shower.  Thanks, Kassandra!!


2 Responses to “Caps, blobs and bubbles”

  1. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    I love purple, too. I just bought a deep purple to make a shawlette in a KAL.


  2. Erin Says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blogroll! Quite an honor! I really like that “Luna Moth” colorway, even though it really doesn’t even resemble a luna moth, but oh, well, creative license, I guess. And the soap sock it interesting. I’ve been seeing felted soap all over the blog-o-sphere; must be what all the in crowd is doing! Good luck!

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