From enjoyment to sadness

Yesterday I finished the second child’s chemo cap, same pattern as the first.

I’ve started the third, which will have wide strips in both colours.

Had two meetings this morning, which led me to take several bus rides  – at least I managed a few rows of the baana scarf – and when the second meeting was over I decided to forego the bus and to walk the 5 kilometers (3 miles) home through town.   

It gave me a chance to stop at places I don’t often get to.  My favourite used book shop, where they know me as the “cozy lady”.  A bead shop where I picked up the makings for several new necklaces and matching earrings, and some supplies for making stitchmarkers as well.  Knitting is not the only craft I love, although it dominates the others by far .  A favourite café where I stopped for a salad and to knit some more outside under a tree.  Another craft store where I found an unplanned treat – a wooden triple picture frame.  I thought it would be lovely for pictures of kidlet, partner and I, so I also picked up paints in colours that would be appropriate for each of us.  I may use stencils with this, or perhaps a sticker or two.

The signs of spring are everywhere!  Trees are blooming in all the gardens.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of tree this is.  Here’s a closeup of the flowers.

A woman strolling by noticed me taking the pictures and came up to me – we had a short but pleasant philisophical discussion about how people have become so oblivious to the beauty all around us. 

Even among the weeds I saw baby’s breath blooming “wild”.

The municipality has been sprucing up the city for spring and the holidays, planting gardens in the divider strips on the city streets

or using hanging baskets instead.

One thing drives me crazy, because I think it’s horribly wasteful.  When the flowers in these gardens die, or become dormant, the city sends its gardeners around, and they simply pull up all the plants and put in new blooming flowers.  The old plants are just discarded, never to bloom again.  Argh! 

The city has even switched the plastics recycling bins for newer, more cheerful ones – these can be seen in every neighbourhood in town.

Some people have begun decorating their homes for Independence Day next week, although most wait to hang flags until a few days before the holiday. 

Which reminds me, I have to get out our flag and wash it….

This evening marked the beginning of Memorial Day for the Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust.  The television is showing only films, testimonies  and documentaries about the Holocaust, and all cable stations have stopped broadcasting until tomorrow night.  Kidlet and I watched the opening ceremony from Yad Vashem together, except when she felt too close to crying and ran into her room for a moment.  Six torches were lit, one for each million who perished, by survivors and their family members (often a grandchild in uniform…).  Each year there are fewer survivors to tell their stories.  Tomorrow morning the sirens will sound throughout the country and we will all stop for a moment of silence to remember.  At school kidlet will be both doing a reading and singing a song/prayer.  At work we will gather together for the siren and to say the mourner’s prayer. 

We must never forget.  Because to forget… is to allow it to happen again.

“Take heed… lest you forget the things your eyes have seen… and tell them to your children, and their children after them”
(Deut. 4:9)


2 Responses to “From enjoyment to sadness”

  1. carrie Says:

    The flowering tree looks like a variety of an Orchid Tree AKA Scientific name (Bauhinia) I couldn’t see the leaves on the tree, but I’m pretty sure it is. As for the flowers, I think if they planted Perennials they could keep the flowers there longer in between seasons with out dumping them. I worked in the landscaping dept at Universal and started planting flowers that weren’t annuals so that we would have less maintenance and enjoy the flowers longer. The winter annuals don’t like the summer heat, so they die and need to be replaced. Perennials are better.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Anything would be better than just ripping out plants again and again. I agree about the perennials. And thanks for the tree ID! I needed a gardener…. 🙂

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