A plethora of purple

Been so busy blogging about the holiday I never mentioned that my all-one-colour swap surprise arrived from Rosemary in England last week.  This perfectly peerless plethora-of-purple package popped up in the middle of the holiday to brighten my day!

First, the yarn:  Some luscious “Lavender Topaz” Serenity sock yarn that is amazingly soft – I can already picture this as a yummy pair of socks.  Some mystery cotton yarn from a huge cone of yarn Rosemary bought on ebay dyed with “Intense Violet”.    And some Carousel yarn that I have some very definite ideas for concerning something with bears.

Then she sent a purple zipper case, with a purple pen, and pencil, and eraser, and ruler.  Some purple cotton thread, lovely purple rainbow-y beads, a purple crochet hook, a purple balloon, purple nail polish that I have hidden from kidlet, and a purple ribbon-y necklace!

She did apologise that she couldn’t find a purple postcard of Cambridge, but I really think that can be forgiven.

In exchange, I sent her an entirely green package, that included yarn, beads, green tea lotion and candy, and a whole bunch of other goodies.

I’ve opted out of the April swap for this group, for the simple reason that I’ve become a co-moderator for the group, together with two of the others who have been around since the group’s formation, and I’m happily playing geek-mod and setting up lists and grids to make the whole thing run smoothly.  But never fear, I’ve signed up for both the cuppa tea swap and the vintage bitches spring swap, so I’ll  be getting my fix. 

I’ve finished the first Kiddy Chemo Cap.

I’ve cast on one in green now. 

 The first took less than a half of one ball of yarn, so I’m thinking that maybe I’ll knit a third and fourth using both colours, maybe in wide stripes.  It should work.

Shabbat Shalom.


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