Get those WIPs moving!

OK, I kitchenered the Artemis Burberry cowl last night, and I really like how it turned out! 

Not one to leave the needles idle, I quickly cast on for my first chemo cap for Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, for the contest on Knitty Knitty Bang Bang’s blog.

My only criteria for the yarn was very soft and very washable, so I’m using Bambino from TeDdY’s Wool.  I should be able to get several caps out of one skein.

The pattern is the Boston Red Sox Chemo Cap, by Stormy Tetreault on Ravelry…only without the BoSox colours and without the B on it.  I like that there are no knots in the finishing that would irritate a small head. 

The Luna Moth shawl is progressing, it’s my commute knit these days.  I’m almost finished with the chart for the 4th time (out of 6).

So let’s see.  The Luna Moth is in my bag for work to knit on the commute.  The CPH is on the couch by the TV.  The chemo cap is by the computer.  The baana is in my bag for all on-the-go knitting whenever I have a chance.   And for Stitch-n-Bitch night I get to choose.  (I would keep a project by the bathtub too, but I prefer showers….nope, no good.)

Where do you keep your knitting projects?


2 Responses to “Get those WIPs moving!”

  1. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    I keep mine but the love seat in the den.

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