More holiday adventures

We continue to travel around for the holiday.  Today we went to the Galilee.  We met up with friends of kidlet’s at Yodfat, a co-op community, where they have a “Monkey Forest” – a kind of zoo with open cages. 

We strolled around, feeding the monkeys from our hands, patting the many other beasties there, like sheep and alpacas and donkeys and rabbits and goats, while lots of birds wandered freely around us, like ostriches and peacocks and pelicans and ducks and geese and more.

As we left, we noticed that Yodfat also has a café, so we decided to stop for lunch.  Very “Mother Earth”, homey, and to our delight, wonderful food…feta salad, amazing olive spread for our matzah, lots of home-grown spices.

I especially loved their home brewed chai. Fragrant spices, and made properly with milk.

They have a shop at the cafe, with mostly organic and homeopathic type things – lots of natural products for babies and families –  and of course I went in to browse.   I loved the local pottery artists’ teapots!

And then I saw it.    Shelves and baskets of YARN

And shelves and baskets of ROVING, both dyed

and undyed

Most of the yarn is 100% merino. I could have sworn it was Soul Wool – although in colours I’ve never seen before – but the fellow claims he buys it from a guy in the Golan who imports the wool from Australia and dyes it himself, and he had never heard of Soul Wool. The roving is mostly merino, with some shetland that is rougher and is usually used in other crafts and not in knitting.

Well, of course I went nuts. Bought big hanks of yarn in 3 different colours,

roving in even more colours,

some undyed merino, 

and some undyed silk-cashmere that is the softest thing I’ve ever touched and now I’m terrified to dye it because I don’t want to ruin it…

Danced my way back to the car, to the amusement of my family.

Next stop was Kfar Tavor, a village founded in 1901 at the foot of Mount Tabor.  There we dropped kidlet off to visit with a friend, and partner and I continued up the mountain.  We passed through the Bedouin village of Shibli-Umm al-Ghanam, which has a large museum of Bedouin culture, unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there.  So up Mount Tabor we went.   At the top, the Church of the Transfiguration was built in the early 20th century, and houses a Franciscan order.   

We hiked around a bit, exploring the area and ruins of old buildings and churches.  We found this sign on an old stone building.  All I’ve been able to decipher is that someone had a vision in 1923.  Anybody read Latin???

We were so disappointed that visibility was dreadful, there was a haze over everything.  The temperature was comfortable by that time, after it had hit 100°F earlier in the day.

Can’t even see the Sea of Galilee, although it’s only 11 miles away.

We went back down, picked up kidlet and headed home. 

Another very full, but very satisfying day.

Just a note:  There are a couple of yarn giveaways this week – over at Alaskan Purl  Allison is giving away 3 gorgeous yarns of spring to celebrate her 100th blogpost, and on Reflections in the Pond you can win some lovely wool yarn from SilverLotus.  Enjoy!


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  1. Silverlotus Says:

    Thank you for posting about my giveaway, and congratulations on winning!

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