This Week’s Potpourri

Local wildlife sightings this week:  Came home late one evening, and as I was walking up the path to the building I heard a rustling sound in the bushes in the garden.  It sounded too big to be a cat, so I figured it was probably a dog or a jackal.  I stopped and watched to see if it would emerge.  It emerged, all right, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.  Out came this humongous wild boar.  I mean, this thing was huge!  Looked around the yard, then snuffled its way through some different bushes and disappeared.  Wasn’t at all bothered that I was standing there.  Interesting sight to come out of the bushes at you at night…  The next evening I was coming in from my walk and saw a jackal with a hurt paw limp across the sidewalk in front of me and slip through the gate next door.

We’ve finished our shopping for Pesach clothes.  Partner, kidlet and I all bought new shirts/blouses for the Seder Night.  We also chose gifts for the family (we’re going to partner’s niece’s house) and something for all the children.   Kidlet and I pampered ourselves by getting manicures.  I went the whole route, including peeling treatment.  I settled for conservative pearl polish, while kidlet went for tiger stripes. (Or are they zebra stripes?  Oh dear, I can never remember which is which…)

Received two packages this week.  One:  got my Ravelympics 2010 pin!  We made an order for all of the Yarn & Falafel team, so I will be distributing the pins to everyone soon.  So classy.

Second package was a beautiful treat from Danielle in Australia, one of the owners of WOW- Wool on Wheels, a yarn shop in Armidale NSW.   Danielle and I started chatting on Ravelry, and she wanted to send me some 100% Aussie made surprises!  Well, the surprises arrived, and I’m tickled purple.  (I hate pink…)

There’s some lovely Kaalund Yarns lace merino in the colourway Tropical Berries – soooo soft!  Yarn from the Uralla Wool Room – some brown angora/merino blend, and purple NZ wool handdyed at the Wool Room.  And a card all about the Kookaburra – when you open it there’s a recording of the Kookaburra “laugh” – every time I open it the cat comes racing into the room to find and catch the bird!  It’s really hysterical to watch.    Thanks so much, Danielle, and I’m sending you your 100% Israeli package this week!

On the needles:  the CPH sleeves will be blocked today, and I’ll start the hood.  Now the big question is whether I can get it done for Pesach, so kidlet can wear it.  Nothing like a challenge…and just when I have to get Pesach cleaning done…

Gerry over on her blog GerryART is having her very first giveaway – some lovely sock yarn and Wendy D. Johnson’s book  Socks from the Toe Up. Check it out!

Daylight savings time began last night, so when I leave for work I won’t be treated to sights like this one for a while:

Shabbat shalom.


One Response to “This Week’s Potpourri”

  1. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    What a beautiful sunset! I love to get manicures, too. I used to treat myself every week for a manicure, since I retired (at age 48) nearly 5 years now, I only can get them every other week now.

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