Another contest, and slipping as required.

Yes, another contest.     This one isn’t mine, though. 

Tasha over in her blog Knitty Knitty Bang Bang is having a contest with some really amazing yarns as prizes.  To participate you need to knit (or crochet) a chemo cap in a child’s size to be donated to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans – she will send you the address.  The contest is in memory of her cousin’s little girl Adrianna who lost her battle with cancer earlier this year.  Tasha has plenty of patterns to choose from, or you can choose your own. 

This is not a big knitting project, and it’s worth your time, even if you don’t win one of the fantabulous yarns she’s offering, so please check it out!

In the meantime, the hoodie sleeves are coming along nicely.  Then I needed a project for the train the other day, something small that I could stuff in my bag,  and both the sleeves (working with two balls of yarn at a time) and the shawl were too big.  We should all have such problems.  So, of course I did the only logical thing.  Joined the baana scarf KAL that the Israeli knitter’s group just started – my friend Galia is the designer of the baana, and she’s knitting one up now as well, so we’re all keeping each other company.  The linen stitch used makes a very dense fabric – some in the group have already frogged and begun again with larger needles.  I did have a question about the slipped stitches – assumed that one slips knitwise on the knit rows and purlwise on the purl rows – but asked about it to be sure.  Yael assured me that I’m slipping as required.  Which is always a good thing to know.

I’m lovin this yarn!!!  I’m using Mondial Ciao sock yarn (yes, the same yarn I gave away, but in a different colourway), and the colours are pretty amazing.  Not to mention that it’s wonderfully soft.  I may just have to go buy some more to knit socks with as well. 

This is how the scarf will look eventually (I hope):

Right now, though, I’m off to work on the CPH for kidlet.  I’d like to finish that first.  Priorities.

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4 Responses to “Another contest, and slipping as required.”

  1. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    My sister and I are planning on knitting some chemo hats for her. Our mother passed away last June with a brian tumor.

  2. JuliaA Says:

    thought i’d share a pattern for a gorgeous cabled hat with proceeds going to the medical expenses of a kid with cancer:

    i’m having hand pain lately and won’t be knitting cables for a little while, but i had to buy it! it’s just too gorgeous to pass up for a good cause.

    the baana scarf looks great.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Thanks for the pattern link, it looks lovely!

      Take care of your hand! Nothing is worse than hand pain for a knitter… 😦

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