Saturday night at home.

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‘Twas a relatively quiet evening at home.  I was mostly knitting (CPH sleeves) while reading an ebook on my computer (The Cart Before the Corpse, by Carolyn McSparren).  Kidlet was in her room at her computer.  I took a break from reading and popped over to facebook to play a game or two of Bingo.  I see kidlet write in her facebook status “You can’t count on anybody.”  I quickly typed a comment that “You can always count on your mother.”   A minute goes by then explodes a bellow from her room “MOM!!!”   She dashes out,  sputtering “How could you do that, how dare you, that’s so embarrassing!”  I laughed and told her she can always delete it.  She said she already had, but who knows who had seen it.  She demanded I never do something like that again then disappeared back into her room.  I continued to chuckle all night.   Am I mean?

On the flip side, the cat is exhibiting an annoying new habit.  She has figured out how to open doors, and goes around the flat opening any door that’s closed.  I usually keep her dry food in a bucket in the kitchen cupboard, but last week there was a sale on the huge bag so that’s what I bought….it’s too much to fit in the bucket, so I put the bag with the extra in my room and closed the door.  Exactly.  I came home to find the door open, the bag ripped, and dry cat food all over my bedroom floor.  The bag is now in my closet – the cat hasn’t yet figured out keys.

This is also a problem when I’m blocking my knitting…I can’t keep anything out, because kitteh likes to pull out the blocking pins and sleep in the middle of the resulting mess, so I usually put the blocking work in my room.  And close the door.  Um…right.  And the blocking board doesn’t fit in the closet.

What is it about blocking knitting that acts as a kitteh magnet anyway?  I’ve seen it again and again.  Cats who totally ignore the knitting process up until then will insist on claiming the blocking work as their one and only spot to park.  Can this phenomenon please be investigated?

This is it!  Last chance, the next post will announce the winner of the sock yarn!!!


17 Responses to “Saturday night at home.”

  1. Elaine Says:

    How well I know the shouts of “MOM”. Ah the transgression we make. How we can ruin their life with a click of a mouse.

    My daughter is now 22 and is living abroad making it harder for me to transgress but even now I do at times. Luckily I can’t see her rolling her eyes.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I will continue to freak her out by telling her I love her in public….it’s good for her. 😉

  2. K.M.Jones Says:

    My kitties are drawn to blocked knitting because it’s a new surface. They LOVE new surfaces, different textures, and things to lay on. I leave plastic and paper bags on the tiled floor for them to enjoy while I’m gone during the day. So I think knitting being enticing is not too much of a surprise 🙂

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Even when I try to entice her away with other new and exciting things, she insists on targetting the knitting. *sigh*

  3. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    I don’t have any cats, but I have a dog. Some days he don’t want me to knit, he keeps pawing at my hands and barking. He thinks I should pet him if I am sitting.

  4. Jersey Jessie Says:

    I have no pets, so I can’t relate to that, but can relate to MOM shouted by a teenaged daughter. Be assured that you will mortify her at times for several more years and then it will mysteriously end and you will become wise again.

  5. turtle Says:

    lol, our stalker kitty diesn’t like lying on the wet blocking but has discovered my craft closet since i removed the sliding doors replacing them with sheer curtains. i discovered she loves to hide behind the curtains and more so loves the scoop skeins of yarn out of one cubicle shelf making a nice soft nest for herself to curl up into. This is the most kitten type behavior i have seen from her, well behavior of a cat not induced by catnip!

  6. purple Says:

    Maybe that’s why I never block anything 🙂

  7. Clarice Says:

    My mother and I do that to each other. She thinks she embarrasses me, but she doesn’t.

    I think your daughter just needs to realize you’re not as bad as she thinks. 😉

  8. purple Says:

    Leyla tov -OK – it’s night in Israel. Please just spill the beans and post. The suspense is killing me 🙂

  9. JuliaA Says:

    gotta love mother-daughter relationships. your story made me smile. 🙂

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