Tuesday Morning Musings

Post # 95…..  Getting closer!

The weather is driving everyone  crazy – yesterday started out cool and by midday had hit 90° F.    I rushed through lunch so I could spend some of my lunchtime sitting on a bench in the sun.  Like so many others I hear about these days, I lack sufficient vitamin D, so I try to absorb some sun every day…as well as taking supplements as per doctor’s orders.  Today started out hot, and it’s getting hotter, but everything is all hazy and there’s a strong wind.  Nothing like walking through or sitting in a hot blast furnace, yuck.   But I need my sunlight, so lunch will be shorter again today.

On the needles:   The hoodie: I’ve finished the first half of the front,  the ribbing and part of the second half.  Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll start the sleeves while I block the back and front, although the Carpel Tunnel has been bothering me the past couple of days, so I’m going a little slower.   Haven’t done much on the shawl, just a few rows, I’m having too much fun with the hoodie right now, but I will get there!   My stripey toe-up socks are also whispering to me that they’re feeling neglected, I may toss them into the bag for bus knitting when I don’t want to pull out the hoodie.

Had a very pleasant surprise on Rav, I got called to the Ravelympics podium to receive a special team captain’s medal, for honour and achievement! I wasn’t expecting it at all, it was great. Brought my total for 2010 to 8. Thank you, Bobicus Maximus!!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but very pleased by the great response to the yarn giveaway.   So many comments I would love to respond to personally, and it is making me wish I had a lot more than one skein of yarn to give away!!    Kidlet asked me to post that she wants to thank everyone who loved her Purim costume, so I’m doing so.    I am trying to find time to reply to y’all.

Got thoroughly annoyed last night with the powers that be in the national media who decided that International Women’s Day is the perfect time to hold/broadcast the Miss Israel beauty pageant.  That is just so wrong.  Feh.  I kept the TV turned off.

Wishing everyone a good midweek.


7 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Musings”

  1. Esther Says:

    The weather is driving me crazy. It’s totally zapping my energy and creativity. I’ve even stopped visiting Facebook because I’m sure my friends are sick to death of hearing me moan about the weather.

  2. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    We had a beautiful day in Florence, Alabama yesterday, temps in the low 70’s but today and the rest of the week rain is in the forecast. It has already rain once today.

  3. turtle Says:

    lol, and our mellow weather turned 30 degrees colder and flurried! so weird! well with the tv off i’m sure you got more done.

  4. Katerina Says:

    You’re a better blogger than I am – I always want to respond, but don’t ever seem able too. Plus I have a blogspot blog, and I don’t think I can do the embedded reply thing… hmmm.. may have to look into that.

    – NO need to respond to my post – just read and enjoy (like I get to do with your blog!)

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