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I was intrigued by an ad on my online calendar today.  It’s a new book by Workman Publishing called 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer.  A power strip Bird Feeder, a Walkman Soap Dish, an iMac Terrarium, My First Squiggle Bot….  It’s all about the stuff we all have lying around and have no idea what to do with, or even how to get rid of properly—your old cell phone, a broken printer, irredeemable iPod, busted digital camera, mysterious thatches of cables and wires, orphaned keyboards, and of course, those dead PCs and laptops.   I confess that I always have a hard time just tossing that stuff.  They fill boxes in my storage cupboard.  So this book caught my eye.    More from the ad:  The projects are rated by difficulty, and include complete, step-by-step instructions. A thorough first chapter covers all the tools and skills needed to dismantle electronics safely.  OK, now the only question is how well geek chic fits in with my decor.  Pretty well, actually.  I may just treat myself to this book for Pesach coming up at the end of the month. 

Speaking of calendars, we’re still getting great enjoyment from my Yarn Harlot daily calendar.  Educational stuff:

March 4th:  Iceland’s oldest surviving export list dates from 1624 and shows that, in just one year, the country exported 72,000 pairs of stockings and 12,000 mittens – all hand knit from Icelandic wool.  Knowing that the whole nation was outfitted with socks and mittens first, that’s a lot of knitting.


February 15th:  Knitting is good for your brain.  It helps form new synapses, improves neural connectivity, teaches patience and better judgement, sharpens your memory, fosters objectivity, and promotes constructive, (usually) nonviolent problem-solving.  Knowing all that, don’t you think all world leaders should have to knit?

And just plain fun:

February 12th:  You know you knit too much when…..they could put “Just one more row” on your gravestone and nobody would wonder why.

This last entry delighted kidlet.  She asked me if I would mind if she had that put on my gravestone, and whether it would be allowed at all.  I told her it wouldn’t bother me, anything that can make people laugh even in sorrow is good in my eyes.  She then started figuring that partner’s gravestone next to mine would have to have something like “Put the @*^# row down, already!”    I told her I didn’t think that one would fly…  OK, the subject’s a bit maudlin,  but it amused us.

I love the response to my sock yarn giveaway for my 100th post!   Another benefit of my contest is that I’ve discovered a new site –  it’s called Wiknit, and it’s a knitting  contest blog.  Someone was nice enough to post about my blogmark contest, and I’m getting a lot of hits from there, so the least I can do is return the favour!  Check it out!

I’m counting any comment on any post on my blog from now until the 100th post as an entry, so keep ’em coming!


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24 Responses to “Geek Chic”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Another suggestion for the tombstone is – she who dies with the biggest stash wins.

  2. natchurldisaster Says:

    Wow! That book looks super cool. I’ve got a couple of old ipods laying around and I’ve always thought that there must be something great that I could do with them. Thanks for the tip!

  3. portlandpapa Says:

    I want some Icelandic mittens! Very Cool!!!

    I live in Oregon, I can use them.


    • eclecticitee Says:

      A friend in Reykjavík sent me lots of Icelandic yarn. I think some of it is destined to be mittens, although whether I need them in this climate is debatable.

  4. Rachel O Says:

    I’m so geeky, I think it’s cool.

  5. TJ Says:

    Looks like a fun book.

  6. Wehaf Says:

    I wonder what the population of Iceland was at the time. Also; I believe that knitting was still the exclusive purview of men. Women were not yet permitted to knit then.

  7. Esther Shchory Says:

    I had an Icelandic jumper I loved but it was just too warm when I moved to Israel so I felted and turned it into a bag.

    That book could be useful I have an old walkman, computer and monitor that I just can bear to throw on the junk heap

  8. Roberta Says:

    Hmmm… that book is quite a good idea for Pesach 🙂

  9. Sofus Gustavsson Says:

    Hi, here is one of the best Icelandic online shop they are selling all kinds of hand made wool sweaters, yarn, mittens and more.

  10. turtle Says:

    lol, too funny! a little less gorey than our 100 uses for a dead gecko book!

  11. ikkinlala Says:

    I’m fascinated by some of the ideas in that book, and I’m especially intrigued that there’s information about how to dismantle things safely. I’ve always been too worried about heavy metals to take my electronics apart.

  12. purple Says:

    I really love Icelandic yarn. I’ve made hats, scarfs, sweaters with it.

  13. Jersey Jessie Says:

    They don’t get geekier than me. Hi again

  14. EJ Says:

    Another try to win.

  15. Carla Says:

    What a giggle!

  16. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    There’s another website devoted to contests of every type of craft.
    It’s Deb’s Blog Contest.

  17. JuliaA Says:

    i’ve never heard of the wiknit blog–thanks for the link!

    my favorite new knitting giveaway site is

    gotta love giveaways–you get to drool over yarn, and on the off chance you win, it doesn’t count as yarn shopping! it’s guilt free yarn!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I do like the giveaways there, but one has to have a US address to participate…that leaves me out. Ah, but I can still drool….

  18. Katerina Says:

    I may have to get that book for my brother – but I think it would just encourage him to keep hoarding things.. so maybe not 😉
    If you do get it – let us know what you made out of it! I’d be intrigued!

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