Weather, WIPs, a costume and a contest…

It has been a nasty week –  little sun, rain, cutting wind, everything infused with a shade of grey…

At the beginning of the week, all the kids were disappointed on Purim when it was a day of cold, with rainstorms on and off all day.  Kidlet made her own costume, she went as the “Wannabe Queen”.  Original, to say the least…

Now that the rush of the Ravelympics is over, and I snagged seven medals, I’ve gone back to knitting kidlet’s Central Park Hoodie.  The back is now finished, I’m working on half of the front.  It’s a very quick knit! 

Kidlet has also requested a hat, and we chose the yarn for that today.  I’ll be knitting her the Butterfly Hat by Sofiya Cremin in white.  After the hoodie, of course.

I’ve also joined a KAL to finally finish my Luna Moth shawl by Shui Kuen Kozinski!  I started this over a year ago, then when I finished a skein I couldn’t find the rest of the yarn!!  Only last month I discovered the missing yarn, the bag had fallen behind a cupboard.  I’m convinced there are gremlins who hide things around the house at night.  So anyway,  a KAL should give me the push to finally get this lovely pattern done. 

Today the temperature rose and the sun came out, kidlet and I treated ourselves to a lovely brunch at a sidewalk café.  She actually joined me for a visit to a couple of yarn stores, too.  Of course, I bought much more yarn than I intended to.    *sigh*

And…………..I have an…


This is my 91st post on my blog.  As I approach the magical 100 posts, I would like to celebrate it with a drawing.  For my 100th post, I will give away a skein of Mondial Ciao sock yarn, enough for one pair of socks or a Baana scarf or whatever else 100 grams of fingering weight yarn will make.  It’s striping yarn in primary colours, chosen by kidlet.

Every comment on my blog  from now until the 100th post is one entry.  For the 100th post, I’ll put all the entries into a hat and to be fair I’ll ask partner to draw a winner!  So let’s hear you!

Shabbat Shalom to all.

142 Responses to “Weather, WIPs, a costume and a contest…”

  1. Diane Tetreault Says:

    Count me in…. cheers!

  2. Ivy Says:

    I’ve been looking for a sweater pattern all day. I think I’ll give the Central Park hoodie a try–and actually wear it to Central Park for this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park. 🙂

  3. Kristal Says:

    Count me in!

    BTW, I love the term kidlet. I use that all the time when taking about mine!

  4. MamaMay Says:

    Wow, thanks for the contest!

  5. oonagh rabenwald Says:

    hafta say, love the ‘kidlet’s costume!!! good luck with the blogging, and the weather!!!

    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

  6. turtle Says:

    congrats to you on your blog-mark!! I have had the central park hoodie on my knit list but am knitting it’s “cousin” fom the fall knitscene right now. Enjoy the sun!

  7. knitwonpurltoo Says:

    Kidlet has quite the creative side. Congrats on your impending blogmark. Oh, and a big congrats on the Olympic medals. WOW.

  8. Chrissy Says:

    The costume is too cute!

  9. jonesgirl Says:

    Love your idea for a contest, please count me in. Also congrats on all the ravolympic medals. I am impressed.

  10. RoamingKnitter Says:

    Thanks for the contest. Never can have enough sock yarn.

  11. Becky Says:

    Love the sock yarn. Please enter me in the contest.

  12. Kristen Says:

    Someday I’d love to try the Central Park Hoodie, but I’m not at that level yet. But the giveaway yarn looks fun!

  13. K.M.Jones Says:

    What a cute pattern for the butterfly stitch! I’m always amazed at the endless variety possible in knitting.

  14. LeAnna Says:

    Heck yes! Count me in! It’s not my first choice in colours, but it would be really fun to make some kid-stuff in it. 🙂

  15. Jennie Says:

    I’d love the yarn, not for socks though 🙂

  16. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the contest, and I love the hoodie so far! One of these days I want to make one, but I should probably finish a few of the projects I’ve got on the needles first.

    Marlitharn on Ravelry.

  17. Marsha Says:

    Your weather seems a lot like ours here. Can’t quite decide what season to be.

    Lovely yarn and lovely kidlet too!

    Love to win the yarn and bring some brightness to my corner of the world.

  18. SavageTribal Says:

    Ooh, you just reminded me I meant to buy the pattern for Central Park Hoodie! Thank you.

    Love what you say here ‘I hate you, get out of my life, but first could you take me to the mall and buy me some new boots?’

    My daughter’s nearly 12. All that to look forward to – again as she’s the youngest of three, which I think proves when it comes to some things, you *never* learn 😀

    Honestly, I just came here for the yarn raffle, but now I think I’ll stay and read more 🙂

  19. canuckchick Says:

    lovin the costume !

  20. nude ewe Says:

    oooh, lovely, count me in! And I ADORE the stripey socks!

  21. Mary Says:

    Your CPH is looking good!

  22. Mirai Says:

    Cute costume and cute yarn!!

  23. Renee Says:

    Love the sock yarn…it would help me with the bunch of one skein shawls I have queued on Ravelry!
    Congrats on your pending 100th blog.

  24. Cindy Steinberg Says:

    How very kind of you! Congrats on your medals!

  25. sally cummings Says:

    I have a couple of big kidlets of my own, first time I have heard someone else use that also, I love her leggings, and of course your knitting ROCKS!

  26. Paula Says:

    I love sock yarn! Thanks for doing this!

  27. Joanne Says:

    I enjoyed your blog and particularly like the pix of the shawl or the start of the shawl. Great job!

  28. Judy Says:

    Finally, another woman who calls her offspring “Kidlet”. I’ve done that for ages, never liked the term ‘kids’. I like the opening pic of this blog, black and white photos always seem more dramatic, even when taken in color.

  29. Jeniffer Says:

    I love the color you chose for the hoodie. Your shawl is inspiring me to start on my “Icarus Shawl” as soon as I finish about 4 other WIPs! Thanks for sharing. (jenknitsalot on Rav)

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Credit for choosing the colour goes to kidlet, since it’s for her. The Icarus is in my queue, which is longer than I want to think about…but I may get there!

  30. Kate Says:

    Congratulations! It’s amazing how long it seems to take to get there and then it’s over in such short notice. Way to commemorate the moment!

  31. Ginger Siminski Says:

    First Kidlets costume idea was very cool. Second (and just as important) Congrats on your blog milestone. Central park hoodie is on my radar as a project to make, currently I am obsessing on socks and would LOVE to get the sock yarn on offer. please count me in.

  32. Elaine Says:

    And a good shabbos to you too.

    My best purim costume ever was a humantaschen. I made it myself and was about 8 or so. I won for most delicious-looking (I was the only non-queen among the little girls I think) The prize was a megillah – I would have liked a whole lot of candy, personally. Now, I’m happy I got the megillah which I still have.

  33. Amy Says:

    saw about this giveaway on Ravelry – the sock yarn is really great fun, would LOVE to make a bright cheery pair of socks out of it!

  34. Anna Says:

    Your kidlet has great taste in sock yarn, love the colors!

  35. Rachel O Says:

    Oooh – love the yarn – nice and cheery.

    Congrats – I can’t handle any blogging but love to lurk around others.

  36. Lauren Says:

    That yarn is beautiful! Thank you for the contest, and congratulations on the upcoming 100th post!

  37. Galia Says:

    Of course I love sock yarn so much that I couldn’t resist posting a comment. Yay! And congrats on your upcoming 100th post!

  38. TJ Says:

    Happy 100th (soon) Enjoy – I just saw a blog on which the person’s son wore a crocheted beard for purim. It was a hoot.

  39. Knittingdancer (Ravelry) Says:

    Congratulations of your 7 medals in Ravelympics. The Central Park Hoodie is looking good. Thank you for the contest.

  40. Esther Shchory Says:

    Nice yarn and congrats on the Ravelympics medals. I didn’t make the podium this time :0(

    Kidlet looks great in her costume – it’s such a relief once the kids starting organising their own costumes

  41. Susan L Says:

    Happy 100th post, and thanks for the giveaway. Nice idea.

  42. ikkinlala Says:

    Love the costume!

  43. purple Says:

    7 medals is quite an achievement, as is 90+ posts.

    Love the cheery yarn

  44. debra taylor Says:

    Mazel Tov on your blog achievement.

  45. KaerligMor Says:

    Very interesting; what you said in Ravelry about life in Israel. Your daughter looks very much like my oldest daughter did when she was 15 years old.

    Have a great day!

  46. AutumnJoy Says:

    ooh, i really love your costume, that looks like great fun. i too am in love with the central park hoodie, but i havent tried any sweaters yet. I’m still a bit of a novice, but i hope to get over that soon 😀

    Have a nice day 😀

  47. Lyra Lovett Says:

    The shawl is beu-di-ful~! And the weather here has been terrible in a different way- 33-35 degrees celcius everyday! We’re all melting down here!

    Count me in on the raffle! The sock yarn looks gorgeous, and superwash too! Awsome =D

  48. twinimama Says:

    Congrats for your nice blog!

    Love the yarn! *g*

  49. twizzler on Ravelry Says:

    Congrats on a great blog. Happy Knitting!

  50. KnittyKitty Says:

    Count me in! 😀

  51. stickfia Says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to have too much sock yarn!
    So of course I’m interested in your give-a-way.

  52. Laura Says:

    What a great way to get people to read your blog! If I win, the lovely sock yarn will be turned into a lovely hat! By the way, Happy Purim. Good luck with Passover..I’ll be in sunny (I hope ) Florida without DH. 😦

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I haven’t tried a hat with fingering weight, I usually use bulky or aran…. what pattern do you use?

  53. Jersey Jessie Says:

    Congratulations – on being almost 100 and love the purim costume.

  54. VelveTiger Says:

    Spring is the perfect season to knit socks! I love this yarn and hope I can win it!! Thanks.

  55. marshall Says:

    Yay, 100 posts! Definitely count me in for the drawing!

  56. Dawn Says:

    Congrats on your 100th post! That’s a great accomplishment.

  57. XenaBob Says:

    Congratulation on the Ravelympics wins!

  58. Gabrielle Says:

    I’m in. may the best… luckiest win! I do like this idea.

  59. Kim R. Says:

    Your hoodie is looking beautiful! I’d love a chance to win the sock yarn – Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  60. Katerina Says:

    Congrats on the 100th blog post! and finding your hidden yarn, – that happens to me all the time, with yarn, clothes, keys, books, papers… you name it!

  61. Camille Says:

    Hello! I found your lovely blog through a forum post on Ravelry. Congrats on the upcoming 100th post!

  62. sukebind Says:

    Wow! Love that brilliant Mondial. Consider me a contestant for your 100th post raffle!

  63. Michelle Says:

    Hi! Just saw this on ravelry. Congratulations on your 100th post!

  64. Jolene Says:

    I have always loved the Central Park hoodie… will try and make one someday. Luna is a fun knit too! It was the first lace shawl I made, and it’s been a slippery slope from that point. I’m not sure which I’m more addicted to – lace shawls, or socks 🙂

    congrats on your post #100

  65. Susie Says:

    Nice way to celebrate your 100th post!

  66. dori Says:

    Saw ya on ravelry – love the kidlet’s Purim costume! Count me in here.

  67. Joyuna Says:

    Fun fun! I love self-striping sockyarns ^^

  68. Mary Says:

    Enjoyed reading our blog andyou are very generous to give away a prize. Love the shawl and the colour you chose for it …. lovely work. Would love to be included in the draw for a chance of the sock yarn, I love my socks!!

  69. kidlet! Says:

    Hahaha nice blog Mom LOL

  70. EJ Says:

    Hi to the two of you. What fun – I’m glad I found your blog.

  71. Carla Says:

    Congrats on 100 soon.

  72. Eliana Bahri Says:

    Aww. How nice of you to offer a yarn giveaway. Nice! Congratulations on your 100th post!! How Exciting!!!

    Chandler, AZ

  73. Shannon Says:

    The sweater is looking awesome. I love the way the cables look and the shawl is looking beautiful.

  74. Annalisa Says:

    Count me in if you haven’t hit 100 yet. I would love to make some socks.

  75. knitrn Says:

    Love the kidlet’s attitude, and choice of yarn. We were the kidlets in our family as well, and we still use the term to describe the cousins

  76. knitmit Says:

    I love a contest! I also love socks 🙂 thanks!
    knitmit on rav

  77. inkeri Says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  78. GoodRebecca Says:

    What a lovely giveaway, definitely count me in… and congrats on your 100th post!

    Shavua tov 🙂

  79. needlingnana Says:

    Love the idea of your giveaway for 100 posts. Count me in please if not too late. I don’t get on the forum often at present but do love it, everyone is so friendly and helpful.

    I don’t like the idea of national service if the kids get forced to go war and get killed. It is different if you have chosen the army – you go in knowing you are putting your life on the line. I have 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren and would hate to think I could lose them without them having the choice. But I do agree kids need to be given some sort of ‘kick up the bum’ to show them what life is like as they don’t often get it at home. They grow up thinking the world owes them a living and then sulk when they find they can’t have what they wanted!!!

    Regards Maggie

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Maggie – In principle, I agree, if you live in peacetime, with no everpresent threat, and service means risk elsewhere. When you don’t, and the risk is at home, reality changes.

  80. Rianna Says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen the Central Park Hoodie before. I think this was the pattern I was subconsciously looking for a while ago and never found. Thank you so much for sharing, it might have taken me ages to find this otherwise!

    The yarn looks lovely and I like the idea of having a giveaway on a special post number – congrats on writing this many posts!

  81. Kristin Says:

    What beautiful colors, congrats in advance for your 100th post!

  82. Karen B Says:

    I loved reading of your projects, but even more, I loved the way you described your country on Ravelry–really, our lives, wherever we live are not what is featured on CNN. I would love some more sock yarn. I’m a sock yarn addict, but even if I don’t win it, it was nice to take a peek into your world.

  83. Cherann Says:

    Cool blog and a fun giveaway. Thanks for the offer and keep on knitting!

  84. damascusannie Says:

    I love the Wannabe Queen costume! Count me in for the drawing, too.

  85. Amy V Says:

    Cool on getting to #100 posts!

  86. Beth Says:

    Love those bright colors and would love to win the yarn!

  87. Carla Says:

    Didn’t know about your blog, will add to google reader to have a better look see later.

  88. Clarice Says:

    Oooh, sounds neat! I’m afraid I haven’t blogged in the longest time. I switched over to a paper-and-ink journal because the things I was wanting to work through in journal-format became too personal to put out in the world without some protection. So they sit in my room, the volumes and volumes of battered notebooks. :p

    • eclecticitee Says:

      All of my efforts at paper-and-ink journals died out fairly rapidly. A few pages here, a few there….and I still have them all.

  89. Rachel Says:

    Nice colours in the sock yarn! I made a CPH for myself, isn’t it a great pattern?

  90. Deb Says:

    Count me in. Love the Purim costume!

  91. Wanda Says:

    Would love the yarn!!!

  92. Angela H. Says:

    What a nice blog! Will have to keep up with it. The yarn is lovely too. 🙂

  93. Linda Doggett Says:

    I can see a kidlet picking that – how appealing! And on another “grey – almost spring but still snow on the ground” kind of day, it looks pretty appealing to me too!

  94. Shannon Says:

    Love the yarn, count me in.

  95. Karen Barnes Says:

    Great costume and lucky kidlet to be getting a central park hoodie! K

  96. Allison Says:

    I love kidlet’s costume! And yes, I would love the yarn, too….

  97. Kim Says:

    I’ve just learned to knit and my first project is a pair of socks that are almost done. Count me in for sock yarn!

    I also love that you use kidlet. I have a dog named Scribbles who I often call my little Scriblet.

  98. carrie Says:

    I just had my 100th and I’m having a contest as well. Congrats on your almost 100th. The sock yarn looks like it would be fun to knit.

  99. angela Says:

    I love the luna moth you’re working on! So pretty! (and I love sock yarn too… lol)

  100. Dorothy Says:

    I would LOVE that sock yarn. Please.

  101. Tim Says:

    Great way to celebrate, thanks for sharing with all of us, and gving us something fun to read and share

  102. Allison Says:

    Great blog! I am addicted to knitting socks and would love more sock yarn!

  103. Kelly Says:

    Ooh, sock yarn is my favorite, whether or not I’m making socks. Me wants! Enjoying your blog!

  104. Polly Says:

    Thanks for a contest! Congratulations on your 100th post!

  105. Kelly Says:

    Ooh, me loves sock yarn! Enjoying your blog!

  106. Amy Says:

    Just saw this on ravelry – count me in!

  107. Paula Says:

    I love sock yarn. This is my first post on a blog in Israel. I love that the internet makes us such a small international community. So, here is a Bonjour to my new ami from France.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Welcome! I agree it’s pretty amazing how the idea of community has been changed. And continues to change!

  108. Beener Says:

    Count me in too.
    Congratulations on the pending Landmark!!

  109. Barbara Says:

    That yarn would make a gorgeous pair of socks! If I win it, I’ll post the finished pair on my Ravelry projects page.

  110. InJuneau Says:

    What a great Purim costume! Fun contest too. Please count me in.

  111. Elizabeth S. Says:

    Count me in!

  112. Hils Says:

    Loving ‘kidlet’ so will start to use that!! Your hoodie is looking great – will keep alook out for the finished item. Hope I’m lucky with the sock yarn….

  113. Little Miss S. Says:

    Lovely yarn – and congratulations very soon 🙂

  114. bookwormofdjibouti Says:

    Yay sock yarn! Yay 100th post!

  115. Tera Says:

    I love the Central Park Hoodie. Your CPH is looking great! One of these days, I will have to give it a try.

  116. JuliaA Says:

    i love those colors–so vivid and fun! my boyfriend would looove something cool knitted from that yarn.

    congrats on approaching 100 blog posts, and thanks for the contest!

    (i’m juliaa on rav)

  117. Betty McCane Says:

    Kidlet’s costume is great! I love her creativity-keep it up! Her choice of yarn for the prize is exactly what I would I chosen! Hope to see more in the future.

  118. patsy coats Says:

    The yarn is lovely and the sun is shining here, so it is a good day. Congrats onthe 100th posting.

  119. Lagrotto Says:

    Great idea for the 100th post thing. And such beautiful yarn. I’d never read your blog but saw you on ravelry. My username is Lagrotto. Love the blog, and the beautiful things you knit.

  120. Marie Says:

    I love your ravatar. I’ll post on Ravelry so you can see mine.
    My rav name is knitmeahamster
    Nice projects!

  121. Nupur Says:

    Congratulations on making your way to 100 posts.

    I love the Central Park Hoodie but it is too ambitious a project for me.

  122. Saff Says:

    Hehe – the costume is awesome 🙂

  123. syeda Says:

    I love socks yarn .

  124. the knitting aunt Says:

    I am a child of the 80’s. I have a soft spot for striped tights that I can’t explain.

  125. Trudy Says:

    Thanks for having a contest–love the colors of the yarn.

  126. Susan G Says:

    Have alwqays wanted to give the CPH a try – have one daughter who will wear my handknits so maybe I’ll give it a try after I finish her owls sweater!

    Thanks for having the contest!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Oooooh, the owls sweater has been in my queue for ages, I think it’s stunning! I haven’t figured out what yarn I want for it, though… How close are you to finishing?

  127. Jeannie Fagerstrom Says:

    Wow – approaching 100 posts -GOOD Going!

    And 7 medals for the Olympics… that’s terrific. Personally, I made the slackers-who-joined-and-didn’t-get-anything-done category, maybe first place, but at least I got my UFO’s more organized and actually LOOKED at them which for me was well worth the whole joining up.

    The Luna Shawl is one I want to do when I retire. Until then it’s things that don’t take as much concentration as lace.

    Love the contest yarn- the kidlet “did good.”

    Congratualtions in advance on your 100th post.

  128. joanne hale Says:

    that shawl you are making is lovely. is that made with the luna yarn from elann? and if so, how is that yarn? i want to purchase it, but i would like to know if its worth it. thank you!!!! i hope i win too!!!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      It’s actually being made from a locally produced mohair/acrylic blend. I fell in love with the colourway. I checked with friends who have knitted other things with it first, and they assured me that it blocks beautifully, I just hope they’re right! I’ve used other elann yarns, and I’ve never been disappointed – don’t know about their luna yarn, though.

  129. Debbie H Says:

    Thanks for the contest. The yarn would look great knit up in the Skew socks from Knitty. I’ve also been wanting to knit that Central Park Hoodie – will have to one of these days…. Debbie in Alaska

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