More Medals

Got my Ravelympic medals for my second project – the Noble Cowl for Team Vintage Bitches!

I love the way it blocked …

I got medals for the Scarf Super-G, the Single Skein Speed Skate, and another medal in the Lace Luge.

I’m now about halfway finished with a third project, the Lacey Keyhole Scarf.  I’m using BBB filati Trio yarn, which is a fascinating yarn indeed.   It’s 42% fine merino, 27% cotton, 30% poliamide and 1% elastic. And instead of just alternating colours (which it does), it alternates three different yarns – one is almost a boucle, one is thinner and very well defined, and the third is slightly thicker and much smooshier. All are incredibly soft.

I wanted a pattern that would fit, simple to show off the different yarns but more interesting than a simple garter or stockinette. I’m hoping this scarf will do the trick – basic, a little lace, with the keyhole as an added touch.

I wanted to see what it will be like once it’s blocked

Two more days to finish it, so I’d better get knitting!

One Response to “More Medals”

  1. Katerina Says:

    Congrats on your ravelympics project – I didn’t get very far on mine, and I started another 2 projects! but the first was complicated lace, and the 2nd simple lace, and the 3rd was just a stockinette hat, so I had something non-taxing for my brain to work on!!
    love the colors – very pretty

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